Cruise liner gutted by cigarette?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. On news report.

    A 950ft cruise liner gutted in a fire reported as possibly being caused by a fag. 100s of cabins were burnt out, 1 killed and 11 injured.


    More info coming I am sure. Why could the fire have got so out of control!!!??
  2. I saw the Sea Princess pull into Southampton Last year. A fine vessel she is. Good question, how did the fire spread so quickly?.
  3. Smoke damage appears to be travelling toward the rear of the vessel, this indicates it was travelling into the wind fanning the flames. Vessel copuld have turned downwind minimizing apparent wind over the fire and lessening the oxygen flow.

    Will have to wait for more detail - It could just be down to the heavier usage of plastics in construction now and a trend for through deck balconies now which negates the ability of crews to seal fires into particular areas. It was a problem with superyachts I can only presume it is moreso on a vessel that size.
  4. A friend used to work at the Dry dock in Southampton before it recently closed down. It amazing how they replace the cabins that face the sea. They kind of slide the whole cabin unit in so the repairs will not take that long. There were saftey issues regarding the QM2 when it was built, alot of palstics in the cabins. Let's hope this incident does not happen anywhere else.
  5. FFS!!! I've just got back from a cruise yesterday and i can assure you there were plenty of weegies and fifers smoking in their cabins!

    Had i known this i think i may have had stronger words for them (like DON'T!!!!) 8O 8O 8O
  6. Bloody hell, they missed out! the evening menu could have included proper jacket potatoes....

    Seriously though, been on a lot of cruises, always lack of ashtrays in cabins which allowed smoking. Most morons on board of course, would chuck a dog end anywhere. They should stop this. Although I am a smoker but would NOT do so if they stated non-smoking. The H&S onboard on every one of them made me think about keeping a memory base on where the lifeboats were. Checked the keels on those lifeboats too. Incase of them being a "Jack Sparrow" vessel, (cue dockside entrance to film) :roll:
  7. Disconcerting considering the strict (allegedly) building guidleines that have to be followed for cruise liners - why did they not have an effective sprinkler system? Smoke and fire containment seems non-existent, waiting with interest to see how the crew reacted (normally heading for life boats with money belts securely attached!).

    I don't think that turning downwind would particularly have helped here - the stop and turn circle for these liners is not good (they still need to slow down sufficiently to make effective us of bow thrusters to help the speed of the turn) - possibly shutting down aircon quickly would have prevented the blow/suck through of toxic smoke and heat, and deployment of automatic sprinkler systems would have contained the fire to a smaller area.
  8. Do we have name of vessel or details of itinerary - just so I can google it and find out a bit more?
  9. Read the forum and the name is on my first post!!!!
  10. Jesus Christ - a massive liner disabled by one tab!! Admiral Doenitz could have wiped out all the atlantic convoys with one load of duty free B&H!
  11. From the photos at the top of the page it seems the smoke at least was coming out from the top three decks.

    If you go to the deck plan on the companies website you can see they are all open plan bars and and lidos with little evident facility for formation of firebreaks or watertight bulkheads.

    Yes I am remarkably bored and no I dont work for the MCA or DTI.

    Someone fu<ked up and the design of the boat might well ahve been one of the contributing factors to the speed with which it spread. then there is the fact that the "Star" line is infamous round the carribean for being poorly staffed and managed - offering cheap holidays and economising all round the place.
  12. Looks like load of boz to me. a quick search revealed that the ship was only completed in 2002 so she will have all the modern fire containment devices, including cabin, corridor and deck sprinklers. One cigarette couldn't have done all that.
  13. Back when we travelled in troopships, one of the major crimes was chucking a dog end over the side of the ship. Straight to the little cell down at the front end of the boat. The wind of passage swept the fag end to any opening on the ship. We had a fire on - I think - Devonshire going down towards Cape Town when canal was blocked. It started very suddenly and spread when the doris in the cabin ran out to tell someone. Took a lot of putting out and there was hardly any plastic as I remember.
  14. Star Princess is registered in Bermuda, a 'defaced Red Ensign' administration so the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch will investigate the fire. A team left yesterday morning. Prompt or what? The Chief Inspector is a retired Rear Admiral and there are few former RN and RFA Officers on the staff. A very swept up outfit.