Cruel & unusual punishment

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whiffler, Jun 24, 2005.

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  1. The Krauts have captured 4 British Commandoes, and Hitler's execution order is to be carried out. The German officer gives them each a last request.

    Taffy "I'd like to sing the long version of Cullon Lan"
    G.O. "Very well"

    Paddy "I'd like to sing the extended version of Danny Boy"
    G.O. "Very well"

    Jock "I'd like to sing the Auld Lang Syne, then as 'mouth music'"
    G.O. "Very well"

    Nigel "Please shoot me first".
  2. Here was me, cock in hand, ready to have a pic of cruel and unusual punishments in my mind. I usually have to pay for them.

    Don't get me all horny again, or I will send get Bernie to hold you down while your hoop is stretched!!!!
  3. what is it with boys and cruelty? my x boyfriend once hand cuffed me to his bed face down arrse up did his buisness. then he buggered off to the pub to watch the cricket.
    2 hours later when he got back worse for wear he had lost the key and had to break me out with a screw driver. cnut!
  4. I bet you loved it you filthy little minx :wink:
  5. i enjoyed it when i was finally free and went to work on his face with the screw driver! now that was kinky.