Cruel & unnatural punishment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldRedCap, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. Death Penalty or Worse...

    ScrappleFace: "2006-03-24) — A judge in Afghanistan said today that Abdul Rahman, the man charged with converting to Christianity, would face the death penalty, or worse, if convicted of the crime.

    “We could behead him and then throw the book at him,” said the judge presiding over the case, raising the specter that the punishment could include intentional abuse and damage to Mr. Rahman’s copy of the Bible.

    The threat to the Bible comes as retribution for reported incidents of Koran desecration last year by Americans at the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility. Those allegations sparked deadly Muslim riots worldwide.

    Meanwhile, state governors across the U.S. made preparations to call out National Guard units to quell anticipated unrest among Christians if the Muslim judge carries out his threat to the Bible.

    “Arresting the convert was an offense against our religion,” said an unnamed Southern Baptist cleric, “but damaging the pages of the holy Scriptures is a crime against the entire Christian publishing industry. Church members will rise up from their potluck suppers and join the crusade to avenge this unforgivable sin.”

    The pastor declined to specify how Christians would seek revenge, but he refused to rule out “devastating waves of gossip” and even deployment of the so-called “cold shoulder” against American Muslims.

    Moderate Muslims could not be found for comment." -- Scott Ott
  2. Perhaps this planet would be better off without religion
  3. you think...
  4. Perhaps! There's no perhaps about it!

  5. Never met one. I,m with jagman on this. In all the worlds troubles scratch the surface & religion is smack in the middle of it with its trousers around its ankles. Islam is by far the worse , they just seem to breed fanatical religious fruitcakes by the bucket load. I feel they are one of the biggest threats this country is facing since Hitler. We should sort it out now so my Grandkids won,t have to. Not very PC I know but events in the past few years have really turned me against that religion. They don,t integrate, they make thier own little communitys, bang out sprogs like no tommorow,want OUR Country to bend over backwards to assist them at the expense of our own citizens & to top it all want thier own barbaric justice system writen into our laws. I,m not some extreme right wing bigot , just a normal easy going bloke whos been pushed just a little too far & the pushing has no sign of stopping. Surely others must feel the same......

    Regards LT.
  6. I read that first post ages ago ..... and (despite years of cynisism) am open mouthed.
    If the judge and the cleric read that, wouldn't they see it too?
    It sounds like a couple of kids in a "She smudged the paint on my Warhammer, so I trod on her tamagochi" scenario.
    And isn't religion supposed to be a personal something that can be turned to in times of the need for comfort? (like masturbation?)
    Shouldn't these beliefs be like a kid's belief in the tooth-fairy? Doesn't affect anyone (except the parents' pockets, of course).
    'Tis unbelievable!!
  7. This is outrageous, we should invade Afghanistan...

    ...Oh no wait a minute...
  8. Full agreement with you Lone Tree, but are'nt the two most dangerous men on the planet fairly devout Christians (Bush & Bliar)?
    Seems to me that once a God is invoved reason and sense fly out of the window
  9. Bush and the Neo Cons have a lot to answer for. However, let's not forget that Iraq (however badly thought out / immoral/ illegal etc etc) was post 9/11. Even the plight of the Palestinans etc was no justification for that. Nothing was. Whatever the sins of the Muslim faith or our leaders, I think a war is coming. A world war. Not soon perhaps. But inevitable if we have two completely different forms of culture with extremists on both sides - both of whom have their own form of power.

    How on earth can we reconcile ? There can't surely be negotiation...
  10. Resurect and send in the Crusaders!!!!!!
  11. Yeah, just for the bloody cameras to appease the religeous right in dubyas case & to "look" like a model just citizen in bLIARS !!! Its all bullsh1t why should a religion influence 2 of the most powerfull men on this planet ? It ain,t about god, its common sense that should run a country. You are very correct in saying reason & sense fly out the window. That nob bLIARS already changed his religion once (CE to RC) so he looks like a man who will stick by his values dosent it ? We are entering a very dark age in our Countrys history & need someone with the balls to see us through it. And bLIAR its not.

    LT. :(