Cruel ice cream...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. The Danes have got a thing for licorice. So when my missus bowls up with a tub of licorice ice-cream yesterday, I whined... that's cruel. So she gives some to my 3½ yr old daughter who thinks its bloody marvelous. (maybe I'm out of touch - do you have the stuff in UK now?)

    So to prove a point... I mixed up some Marmite ice cream... guess what? Yep, my daughter loved that too! (Good girl... I'll make a Brit of her yet)

    Nothing like cruel ice cream! - got any other flavours?
  2. You are sick, I'm phoning the NSPCC now. Children should be protected not abused by Marmite.
  3. Bought Liquorice from the Naafi place in the Danbat on telic thinking it was sweet .... the dirty barstewards had only salted it ....weirdos!!!
  4. You sure it was salt
  5. Tis true... tastes like... something worse than what billic was referring too... backtrack! backtrack! I have nothing other than my imagination to base that on!!

    And I'll take a dollop of the garlic ice-cream... and one of crushed glass with creosote.
  6. I've actually tried garlic ice cream with the same scepticism but to be honest it's actually quite nice. Not something to eat regularly - but yeah it's not so bad really. Strong flavour, but still not 'too' garlicy, and freezing cold - just a weirdly good mix.
  7. We have 3 peppercorn and caramel ice cream over here and a chili flake ice cream as well. We also have a curry and milk chocolate mousse, toasted oatmeal and coconut ice cream bonito fish and chocolate ice cream.

    There is a trend here to mix the odd with each other like a Mole gravy sauce which has chocolate and serving it with beef/chicken. Every trendy little bistro her eis serving up one of these types of mixtures.
  8. But then you Canucks have always been a bit crazy anyway. :D
  9. its trendy, or thought to be, in the world of high class food to make icecream out of fish and other wonky ingredients, ever since they started doing it on "Iron Chef".
  10. Wierd mixes seem to work though, not a big fan of ice cream but some of the stranger chocolate mixes are nice.
    Chocolate with Chilli and sour cherry that sort of thing.
  11. I had a taste of some Chilli Icecream at the Good Food Show in London. It was just odd. Sweet ice cream taste followed by a whoosh of chilli. My senses were bombarded. Not sure what you'd serve it with and I wouldn't rush out and buy some.
  12. Emperor's New Clothes anyone?
  13. Theres an ice cream sauce in the states called Toad Sweat. Ive had the chocolate/orange/chilli version on vanilla,and its really good. Cant get it over here,and buying it from the makers requires me to order a case