Cruel Film Titles

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by still21inmymind, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. The naming of porn films (as covered in a doomed thread nearby) seems to elicit a certain clever inventiveness. But what about films exploiting The Usual Suspects (do you see what I did there?) to wit; mongs, lardies, gwars, chavs, etc.

    Last Mong Standing
    Reach for the pie
    Dead Mingers
    21 Grans
  2. Smokin' chavs
    Final Destination 4: The Gas Chambers
  3. Snatch (well its a totally different film)
  4. Bam Dusters?
  5. A mong too far
  6. Maddie Comes Home?

    Sorry, that'll be my taxi outside
  7. :D Outraged of Glasgow

    Desperately seeking Maddie
  8. Dude, where's my Mlaar?
    Still starring Ashton Kutcher, he'll do fine.

    Water-wings World
    A trip to the water park turns nasty when Dennis Hopper starts slashing all the mlarrs flotation devices leaving them marooned in the middle of the kiddies paddling pool.

    Rear Window-lickers
    A spacker in a wheelchair sees an ice cream truck out side.

    Hunt for the Red Balloon in October
    A crack team of mlaars are sent undercover to Russia, as all the blokes there already look retarded anyway. Their lack of coordination just blends in with the vodka consumption anyway. Mistaking a submarine pen for a subway sandwich shop, they procede to throw deadly tantrums when they aren't given their choc chip cookies.

    Die Tard, Die Tard too, Die Tard with a Vengeance, Die you fuckin' Tard
    Big budget franchise where Bruce Willis beats the snot out of a group of mlaars each time.

    Red Balloon Dawn
    Russians invade the USA, only the nearby special school students are able to blend in and create havoc disrupting the Russian supply lines. When 56000 gallons of ice cream are shipped instead of T-72's, the Russians are forced to fall back to Cuba. Wolverineeeeeth!
  9. OLD DEAR HUNTER about a seemingly kind doctor who goes around topping those grannies putting a drain on our society.rumour has it he,ll expand his victims to the chavs,the whole population of essex have been drafted in as extras.

    Captain Willard is intensively briefed by the CIA on the nescessity of terminating Colonel Kurtz with "extreme prejudice".

    He replies " No.......just can't be arrsed "
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Bring Me the Head of Des Brown.

    With apologies to 'I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue'.
  12. The Italian Blob

    3 morbidly obese fat birds form Wigan dressed in red, white and blue striped kaftans rob a world famous cake storage facility in Milan and then get chased around the streets in a Benny Hill fashion.
  13. Pmpl. Classic
  14. Honey, I locked the kids in the basement and repeatedly raped and beat them.
  15. The thin brown line

    A epic tale of army chefs serving the worst food to troops

    White Flags of our Fathers

    The greatest film to depict France at war

    The Man Who Would Be Queen
    (see Jan Hamilton)