Cruel Brittania

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. Lefty, scouse, Guardian Journalist has written a book detailing torture methods used by the Brit military and debunks the "myth" that we fought a clean war. Firstly I didn't think there was any such thing as a clean war...war is war after all, and what possible point can there be to shit on your own doorstep like this unless you are a squaddy-hating lefty cock????
    The methods seem to have been..wait for it....sleep deprivation, stress positions, and threats....oh the shame of it.
  2. Well if beheading and beatings carried out by the opposition are considered OK by the whining knob jockey who wrote the heap of festering shit, maybe the Brit mil should have gone with those.
  3. You could also stick em in a room and blast out Discharge's Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing album. If you have me guarding them, it's not classed as torture as the guard is merely listening to some music while on duty.
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  4. Which war?
  5. The article I read was referring to ww2, we were apparently fairly beastly to some SS pow's, don't know whats in the rest of the book though.
  6. This all boils down to opinions. Opinions on whether torture is acceptable, or not. There is no grey area - it is acceptable or it is not.

    Those who find it acceptable often fail to realise that their acceptance renders them liable to it.
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  7. Are you going to link to it or are we only to discuss your tantalising snippets?

    Naming the book could be a start......

  8. We always knew we were going to be on the receiving end....made no difference if we were playing by the the Marquess of Queensberry rules or not. If you're seriously suggesting that rough handling to maintain 'shock of capture' is the same as electric shocks or other forms of serious torture you should be writing for the Guardian
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  9. Not just the SS, as my Grandfather wrote in a article during his time in Burma "No quarter were asked and NONE were given!" I know he also bayoneted a Jap just to get his blanket off him.

  10. Yeah, but the war had ended three years previously, so it was a bit harsh. He could've just asked nicely.
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  11. Indeed he was banned from Tesco's for 3 months.
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  12. Cruel Brittania by Ian Cobain
  13. Thats the problem mate...revisionist fuckwits have the luxury of distance from events and have generally never been in harms way themselves.
  14. Indeed, by todays standards even the Dambusters are War Criminals and not just for mentioning Black Labradors.
  15. Call me a revisionist fuckwit if you will, but I don't see how being in harm's way entitles you to torture somebody.