Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Weleda, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Today, anti-Semitic expression in Britain most commonly takes the form of virulent, disproportionate criticism of the Jewish state. It is of course the case that not all disagreement with Israeli policy should be considered anti-Semitic or illegitimate. But in Britain, and especially in the media, such criticism frequently leaves the bounds of civilized debate and indulges in demonization, flagrant double standards, and the implicit denial of Israel's right to defend itself--in short, in the appropriation of the traditional modes of anti-Semitism.
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  3. most of those examples in the article appear to be people hacked off with past and present isreali policy rather than jewish people.

    It's ignorance on both sides, jews for confusing hatred of isreal with hatred of jewish people, and people not applying the same hatred of isreal to palastinians who blow up buses full of school kids and not understanding why isreal feels the need to keep palastinians out of isreal.
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    Weleda, you tedious crettin, fck off and take your bullshiit with you
  5. Robert S. Wistrich has an interesting article, but he seems to pull together a shed load of disconnected items to create a clearly defined British anti-semitic culture, when I would argue either there is no such thing or it is a very differant thing to that described by Mr Wistrich. Am I argueing that there was not and is not anti-semitism in the United Kingdom, no I am not but my position is that it is not the sort of animal Mr Wistrich paints to be. For a start, British anti-semitism and British working-class consciousness are conflicted in that e.g. City of London fatcats might do well out of brown-noseing Arab petro-dollar interests but British working class people see Muslim ethnic minority communitys dictating how the majority non-Muslim Community should live and while the likes of stockbrokers can insulate their lives and their family's lives from an increasingly Islamofascistacted Britain e.g. by sending their children to fee paying schools, British working class people can not. Of course it is a standard ploy of Fascists to get the broad mass of the people to hate a group be it Jews or businessmen or tradeunionists or whoever in order to divert the broadmass of the people from pursueing their legitimate interests but in order for such a project to be successfull it has to progress relatively quickly to the creation of a fully fledged fascist state or else the internal contradictions of such a project become ever more apparent and the whole project implodes on itself, and e.g. it is becoming apparent to more and more people in the United Kingdom that the grievance of Islamists in the UK is not British troops in Iraq or Afghanistan or Kashmir or Israeli troops in Lebanon but that the United Kingdom has not been converted in to a Sharia State and as a result the wheels are coming off the BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, The City of London, the Tory Mandarin and Leftist Labour Party and Liberal Democrat party; British Sharia State project.

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  6. First post and such a diatribe.

    I smell a journo.
  7. "Israel's right to defend itself"

    I'd laugh, if that wasn't so sick. It's an over-used phrase that's being bandied about a lot lately by Zionists and their ignorant sympathisers who actually should know better, but choose to be 'offended'.

    You're just way too oversensitive you Zionists. Did the 2 year old figures quoted above include pavement trips, whiplash claims, paper cuts and stubbed toes? Everyone and everything has got it in for you lot it seems. How tragic and pathetic that antisemitism is enshrined in law. Sadly, this means you'll never get that chip off your shoulders and we're stuck with your infernal moaning, you sad aggressive bunch of Zionist ne'er-do-wells.

    The Community Security Trust - it sounds independent doesn't it? Is the ambiguous title intended to give out the impression that its findings must be above board and impartial?

  8. how the hell do yiou know what part of isreals right to defend itself i am talking about, if you think im refering to the recent lebenon escapade you are mistaken you boring tit
  9. Careful guys - don't give anything away. Anyone who posts such a well thought out cut and paste for their first post isn't to be trusted.

  10. "Britain's right to defend itself"

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  11. Zapata don't get involved mate - it'll be all over the front page of the Scum tomorrow.
  12. Calm down. I think FPs quote was from the original post. The words "Israel's right to defend itself" didn't even appear in your post.

    Bye the way hello Mora, I've missed you so much. Not
  13. Thanks Mark1234. Jacques Bustard was correct, and you've proven my point about oversensitivity very well indeed
  14. Oooh Yeah!
  15. 'cept im not jewish or a suporter of isreal