Cruel and Unusual Punishment

To paraphrase the A-team'sBA Baracus [ prominent on another thread at the moment]
" I Pity Th' Fool!"

seems a lad in Oregon has run afoul of the PC police and is paying the price. This 16 year old chap pinched and twisted another boy's nipple during a bit of ' roughhousing '..

Sadly he has been sentenced to 4 days in juvenile detention because [ get this ] he refused to write a letter that explained his actions. The letter was part of a session of four classes for offenders he was ' sentenced ' to. it required him to describe his ' crime' in detail, explain the ' thinking errors' which led to his action, express ' empathy ' with his victim, describe any resultant ' life changes' this action may have wrought and outline his ' criminal thought processes '.

The kid insists he had no ' criminal intent ' when he ' assaulted ' the other boy, whom he considered a friend at the time.

Would that they'd punish real crooks that way
Judge: Jacko what were you thinking when you put 6 slugs into Rico? Were you not the least bit sorry?
Jacko: Yes, yer honour, I was thinking I should have brought the extra clip when I left the house that morning and I was sorry I didn't put 20 rounds into the mutha.
Judge: Make sure you write that 2000 times on the paper supplied...

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