Cruel and unusual punishment? Torture?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hellsbrink, May 31, 2012.

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  3. I do not think this can be called torture. If we wanted to torture them we would ask our British cousins to send over a pipe band. However forcing them to listen to bagpipes might be just too cruel even for Taliban.

    <serious hat on> I understand the music is not intended as torture but to reduce the ability of prisoners to whisper messages <banter may resume>
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  4. Hasn't this been known for some considerable time though? although it may have been the barney tune....
  5. The prohibitions on cruel and unusual punishment and torture embodied in the United States' constitution extends only to citizens. I think the Guantanamo prisoners are not citizens and as such are not 'covered' by these protections.

    They would ordinarily be entitled to the protections afforded by the Geneva Conventions, however I believe the legal interpretation is that these only afford protections to the prisoners of war where those 'captured' were acting on behalf of a recognised state which has declared war or on which war has been declared.

    The detainees at Guantanamo did not meet this criterion and, apparently, this excludes them from protection under the Convention.
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  6. shuda read up on their rights then, the knobs! what amateurs, even the nigerians know every single right going for them.
  7. There was talk of headphones being used to play the US national anthem at full noise on a continuous loop. I would've though Katy Perry tracks would be more effective.

    We just use white noise and a bucket of water here.
  8. They are within Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment. The Universal Declaration was drafted by, inter alia, Eleanor Roosevelt for the United States. She was actually the driving force behind it. All other regional declarations, such as the European Convention are taken from the Universal Declaration. The American tend to overlook the Universal Declaration and their involvement in it in the context of Guantanamo. As for the British; the slogan: 'Bringing Rights Home' was a clever piece of political 'spin' invented by Downing Street and their tame newspaper proprietors who fooled British public into believing that British Lawyers actually drafted the European Convention which came into force five years after the Universal declaration.
  9. The Spams have form for this - remember Noriega in Panama?

    "Noriega took refuge in the Holy See&#8217;s embassy on December 24, which was immediately surrounded by U.S. troops. After being continually bombarded by hard rock music, including Van Halen's hit song Panama[SUP][/SUP], and &#8220;The Howard Stern Show&#8221; for several days, Noriega surrendered on January 3, 1990.[SUP][/SUP]"

    Music in psychological operations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    if you get a chance to read the book " the men who stare at goats " you will see why they did this . The movie was funny but the book, well it was so weird it must have been true grin .
  11. Quite enjoyed the film.
  12. I'm sorry David, I'd always thought you were quite a nice chap - until now. Despite being one fo God's own race (English) there is something stirring about the great Highland pipes which makes one's sinews stiffen, want to hack about one with a claymore, drink Buckfast and invade England.

    Are you perhaps of French descent?

  13. Actually I quite like bagpipes. My neighbor across the street is Scottish, plays pipes in a local band and his lovely teenage daughters are learning to pipe. I am entirely of Irish ancestry and like Celtic music in general, especially sean nós singing. However the prisoners in Gitmo are not fortunate enough to be Celtic or Anglo-Saxon and would be unable to appreciate the splendor of pipe music.
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