Cruel and Unusual Punishment: the Horror!!

Do the ends justify the means?
subjugating suspected Al Quaeda operatives to horrific aural onslaughts to break them down..

not even the most hardened terrorist/radical should be made to face these techniques..bombarded by 'torture music'

bad enough that they had to be forced to hear Britney Spears [ skanky western bimbo.. a horrible attack on their conservative Islamic philosophy/beliefs..]

but.. the Bee Gees? and worst of all Cat Food Commercial Jingles and the ultimate diabolical CIA torture technique.. the Theme from Barney the Dinosaur!!

a number of musicians are outraged themselves to find out that their works have been used in this way by the Secret Spooks..[ apparently none of them have received any royalty cheques for usage or had the opportunity to get bragging rights on this new use ]..

Move are under way, I hear, to release a compilation album featuring the top ten CIA torture tunes and the best of Gitmo' gentle on my mind/in my head ' retrospective..

I can't imagine anything worse than having that stuff blasted from loudspeakers at inmates...[ well, yeah, I can... but... ]...

those dastardly CIA interrogators!!
Send in the twins from the X Factor!! The ultimate weapon of last resort!
Cilla Black screeching out..Anyoneooadanart. Fcking suicidal.


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Monty417 said:
Cilla Black screeching out..Anyoneooadanart. Fcking suicidal.
It might set off the bomb!
Auld-Yin said:
Monty417 said:
Cilla Black screeching out..Anyoneooadanart. Fcking suicidal.
It might set off the bomb!
I'd certainly press the fcuking button mate, if she went off in my lug.
Force them to watch f$ck factor repeats back to back!!!! then pop idols for an encore
It's bollox, we do stuff to each other for a laugh that the pinkos would have apoplexy at if we did it to prisoners. I'm sick of them going on about the 'poor' terrorist's rights. What about joe public's right not to be subject to terror attacks?
Re-runs of Eldorado so do the trick anyway...
a solitary confinement cell with padded pictures of tony blair, his gay highness mandelson,a gordron brown pillow, jack straw teddy bear and a david miliband wank towel? thats enough send him clinically insane without fear of death.....
Monty417 said:
Cilla Black screeching out..Anyoneooadanart. Fcking suicidal.
Thank you very much, that was one part of the 70s that I had finally got out of my system and you bring it bloody back.

Now I have to get the lager funnnel out again.
Nothing like a good old Bavarian Oompah Band accompanied by loads of face slapping, foot stomping and beer drinking. You're drinking beer whilst he's getting his face slapped and bollocks stomped. Followed by singing 'Ein Prosit' with rhythmic banging of bier steins on his head.

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