Crude Oil Price At Record Height

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Jun 18, 2005.

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  1. Push irons all round then my friends!
  2. Ah so the oil companies will make even more profit.
    Nice one Georgei Boy.
  3. Good point, Jon, the problem is that higher prices at the pump (which will be the end result of higher oil prices) will cause Dubya more domestic problems. You won't see US oil consumption falling, you will see his popularity rating fall though. Which will require a secure supply for the States. With China now emerging as competition for resources, who will Bush go to (read invade), in the name of security next?

    I just hope nothing goes pear-shaped before my reserve commitment ends in October.
  4. yes oil prices are high but the price at the pump is due to.....TAXATION! 8O

    So what does W have to really gain from high oil really what is there to gain? He has worked over 6 years to position the "party" to stay in power spent huge sums to get reelected and he's going to make a few buck off of high oil prices.

    Put your tin foil hats on :D
  5. The top job in US of A is short term, 4 or 8 max by convention, not law.
    King George II is now looking after his fellow oil barons and their chosen succesor will continue the process as and when.
    I have commented before on how the US has been securing the oil rich southern flank of the old USSR. All these small scale revolutions that have gone the US's way. Coincidence I doubt it.
    China needs oil and while China does not have a history of territorial exspansion (Tibet and co forget) they may have to fight for oil, Sudan cums to mind.
    I asked many why the US invaded Iraq. The best explanation I could find, on a Bangkok Boozing/whoring board, was the suggestion that,
    Saudi government is too vunerable and could go same was as the US old main ally in Gulf Iran. Gone in less that a month once the Frog shipped Kohmani back.
    So the State Dpm decided to secure the Third ? largest known reserves Iraq.
    How that one will play out well F knows but we don't.
    Oil now water next.
    Now we live in interesting times.
  6. Once you´ve cornered a market by controlling the supplies, it´ll be bad business if you dump all the goods on the market at once. This will just drive the price down.
    No, you sell the goods little by little, keeping the supply short. You´l know perfectly well that no competitor can spoil it for you. Bush and his administration are thinking about the life after Bush´s second term runs out and most of them will be back in the oil industry.

  7. Ctauch
    western taxation probably does take as money out of the price of oil as does the Arab fixed price. The profits of all the major oil companies have risen enormously this last couple of years.
    This recent oil price rise is not the Arabs putting up their price 'yesterday' but by the folk trading in oil and they as businessmen will do their best to make the price of oil give them maximum profit.
    I doubt they give a poo what you and I pay for oil the game is their profit.
  8. I have made quite a good profit on oil futures. These price fluctuations are part of the market and are here to stay.
  9. Right jon, like i said put on the foil hat and go forth in the world. There are 13 men in black controlling the oil prices of this world they are rice beyond belief.................

    Funny that how now when the likes of Exxon and BP and Shell are finally making money everyone is in a huff but when they were breaking even or losing everyone was OK with it.

    Look no further then you govt. TAXATION is the biggest piece you pay when you fuel up you car, motorcycle, moped or lawn mower. Opec has a hold because left wing nut bags have over taken western civilization and block any and all efforts to 1) find oil in their back yard 2) create alternative solutions.

    If both 1 and 2 were to happen the revenue (taxes) would deminish and the wacko's would be left without.... :D