Crucifix removed along with ....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armourer, Jun 4, 2005.

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  1. In the Express today: Crucifix removed along with ALL Christian symbols in the Chapel at Newham General Hospital. However prayer mats and footbowls for the muslims have been put in place. Yunus Dudhwala, the multi faith manager said we have to accomodate all faiths (except Christanity it seems)

    A 63 year old Christian woman was unable to pray as Muslims were washing their feet and when she asked for a crucifix and a bible there weren't any.

    Islam don't you just love it.
  2. maybe this is about MRSA, lol
  3. This is just getting ridiculus now. Yunus Dudhwala surely must not have made it policy to remove the crucifix and bibles, I am sure that when it was said that all faiths must be represented, Christians were included. The hospital administrators (looking for recognition) will have taken this pitiful step.
  4. Although I hate the troll Franchmong, he may have a point here - this smarts of media manipulation. A day after the 'banned bibles' tale? We all know how the vultures work - recent example being of Tim Collins - one minute a lardy National Guardsman accused him of the 'war crime' of firing a pistol shot to halt looting, the next minute two of our dailies had accused him of mass murder.
    Although Bliar's Britain seems very much in favour of those who have, lets say, arrived since birth from across the world, it can only be a bad thing if the media manage to drive a wedge between the WASP population, and 'everybody else.' If this story holds water, its a pi$$er, make no mistake. But there are plenty more hospitals across the UK who haven't taken this line, keep bibles in the bedside lockers and have a Christian chapel.

    Edited for stoopid typo.
  5. Very similar thing happened while my little brother was at a local college a few years ago.

    The place was a former catholic seminary and very well known in the area, with a 1/4 scale engineering model of the catholic cathedral in Liverpool, as its chapel. Any way when it became a further education college the muslim students complained at the overt symbol of christianity in the college grounds and demanded the cross from the top of the chapel be removed.

    My brother in no lover of any religion but objected to the cross being removed out of principal, he was then all but accused of being racist and eventually left said college.

    I may complain about the overt sign of the islamic faith on the mosques in town and see how far that gets me eh! I suspect not very far.

  6. Hello

    It's amazing how far from the truth you guys are. The Newham general Hospital prayer room is a multi faith prayer room, this is why all religious symbols were taken off and are not on display, but are found in a cabinet! But some reporter decided to stir up trouble, so she took out the Muslim prayer mats and placed them on the floor and took a pic of them, and then included the story of how the Crucifix was torn off :? When it wasn't 'torn' off, all religious symbols were taken off and put in to a cabinet, as it is a Multi Faith prayer room. Muslim mats were also in teh cabinet, but were clevery taken out! Also, the crucifix had been taken off for the last three years!!!
  7. I think that's the point.
  8. Its amazing TS how stereotypically you perceive our responses! Do you happen to be the 'Curate or similar for our other much loved religeously orientated bretheren or bretheresses; in the said offending establishment.

    Personally, as a christian I find it offensive that my visible professions of faith be hidden from sight.

    I fancy a trip to Saudi Arabia, I have an accident and then wish to express my faith each Sunday complete with Communion and my bible. Will I get given a 'private room'?

    Although that may seem a totally 'left field' question its not! Rhetorical? yes, irrelevant? no.

    Anyone fancy the rights to a reality , torture and interrogation, renunciation of faith based TV programme based in a Middle East country?

    Bear in mind, losing applicants will be required to confess after torture to bombings etc.
  9. Is there a link to this story please?
    Teenager wants to quote it in a paper.

  10. Cheers Awol, but nothing from the newspaper at source?

    Beebs (hoping others will do the work for her :))
  11. sarnian, I agree that
    and as for
    it obviously doesn't hold water.

    Apart from what Truth_Seeker said it seems that Yunus Dudhwala is a member of the college of health care chaplains which has a code of conduct ( ) which states that
    and that the chaplain must
    amongst other things.

    It seems pretty unlikely that any spiritual or religious leader is going to join a multi faith group, sign up to its code of conduct, and then entirely ignore it.

    Interesting point about Saudi, but Saudi isn't Newham and it isn't Islam. More to the point I don't want my country to be like Saudi, do you?

    Muslims at Newham Hospital don't have a "private room", there is a multi faith room. With only one room there are obviously going to be times when christian worship takes place and times when other worship takes place. There are plenty of christian churches these days who "time share" premises, so this isn't exactly radical islam at work.