Firstly excuse me if i've spelt cruciate wrong! I'd been tryin to get my running distance up to 3 miles, i achieved this, then what i thought was my knee, started playing up. It felt like something grating/clicking to the outside of my knee. I was reliably informed by a PTI that i was a cruciate ligament that was too weak, i unfortunately am a bit on the skinny side and i did try increase my run distance quite quickly. he said i needed to build up the muscles around the ligament to support it. He suggested bike riding as it is less high impact and one else experienced what i've mentioned and know any other good ways to strengthen my lanky pins!!

many thanks F.I.
I have heard from quite a few people (who are in the know about fitness related stuff) that cycling is almost like a cure for running. It works (apparently) the opposite set of quad muscles which has a really good effect if you are suffering from runners knee (mal tracking knee cap?). Also you can work on your cardio and give your knees a rest while building up some serious muscle on your quads, hams and calves.

I just bought a bike today and just went for a 7 mile hilly cycle and I am absolutely loving the bike. Just a cheap one from halford but its the best 89.99 I ever spent.... almost.

Your PTI is no doctor. There could be other problems that only a doctor can tell you about.

Depending on age and lifestyle this could be many things. If you feel clicking or grating on one side of your knee this could be your Minscus (Apologies for spelling). A small bit of tissue that acts like a buffer and resembles a disc around the top of your tibia could also be a complication. If it is torn or damaged this can cause the clicking and trapping sensation.

It needs to be looked at as soon as possible as this can contirbute to further damage and the bones rubbing together.

Don't just rely on your PTI, get it checked out as any of these problems can end you up with some pretty invasive surgery if not caught early.


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