Cruciate ligament injury - advice neded

Guys not a medic or a quack. I tripped off a treadmill in late November and broke my left thumb, hurt my my left shoulder and left knee. Did A&E and paid 210Euros for it in Dublin.

Broken thumb in cast and repaired, shoulder better. Have now been twice been to Craigavon & once to Lagan Valley off my face in pain and got crutches, Voltarol painkilling Gel and industrial strength painkillers.

Am now in so much pain and told to rest. Today my mate a GP in the village gave me a 2 week biff chit & told me in would take 3 months to see an Orthopod in Belfast at the RVH.

Is it worth presenting at A&E at my parents on the mainland to get surgery or fixed.

Sorry to be grumpy but my pain is very severe.

It won't make any difference. Waiting lists times vary from place to place but not by much, but presenting at A&E on the mainland won't encourage faster treatment.

Instead they'll just advise you to return to your own doctor.

The only way to get it done quicker is to go private - but then you'll have to pay for the honour of being treated. 8O

Your call - wait in pain, or go private and have the pain of an empty bank account.

Although if the pain is still too much, go back to your doctor and get stronger painkillers!
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What Cruciate ligement you damaged

been there done that bought the t shirt as such - lucky enough i had the private option and used it

here goes civvie street if it is that painful you should be directed via A&E to orthopedics i was in the UK but i had a seriously bad knee injury, Disclocated Knee cap - Snapped anterior cruciate ligmement in 2 places, torn my medial ligment and had 2 hairline fractures of the tibia. so i was xrayed put on crutches sweling was ememnse at first sight so the put me through an emergancy MRI scanning to confirm damage. then tried to help the repair by physio ended up with a arthaoscopy in jan this year privately to check on damage to inside of knee and a operation at the end of march to do the repair.

arthaoscopy (Camara in the knee) cost the insurance comapny about £1000 - big chunk for anthestist fees and doctors fees before you even look at hospital stay overnight

and the actual repair will cost you about £3000 privately - and you will need the surgeon for about a year as well to confirn the repair is ok they charge my insurance company about £85 for a 5 minute check up

Physio is about £35 for half an hour and i had to have 2 visits per week for first 2 weeks and then once a week for the next 2 months spreading to once every few weeks then every month i have now started running again in nov last year and playing football again so it will help

and the operation to get it repaired may not remove the pain i am afraid i still get some pain in ,my knee now all the surgery will do is allow the knee to be more stable offering the chance for pain to leave.

if the ligement is the anterior cruciate ligement (ACL) there are 2 repairs available Patella tendon and hamstring after listening to both sides i decided to go for the Patella tendon repair as it removes some bone which apperntly aids with the gelling together of the old ligement and the new bit of ligement - but it will be uncomfortable to kneel on it for a while. it also allows for a easy rehab with patella tendon repair i was told by the physio.

take it all in to account before making a decision - hope it goes well for you mate you have my sympathy as i know how much it hurts

Had a double arthroscopy (sp?) 10 years ago after taking a tumble on Ex. Luckily this was in Austria and the number 3 knee surgeon in the world did the business :D Something to do with all the skiing in the area requirig his skills...

6 weeks post operation I did sub 10 minute BFT to get of the biff (9:59 for the record). It hurt like hell. Within a year I was having problems and it got so bad I spent the last month of my time in the Army with a laminated biff chit. Just over 3 years post op I was a civvie again. Still have issues.

Morale of the story is this: take your choice of operation wisely and follow the physio's advice to the letter - don't let peer pressure and cajoling that 'you're just faking it' or 'it can't be that bad' make you do too much too soon. Physio is important as you'd be surprised just how much muscle you lose in a short period of time - you'll need the muscle back to support the knee.

Sorry if I sound preachy but if you want the knee to last then the post-operative physiotherapy and care is almost as important as whichever op you choose.

Do too much too soon and you'll regret it

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