Could anyone please tell me that if posted on promotion how many months you need to be in that Unit to qualify for a CR, and if not able to qualify what the score is with requesting a delayed CR. Wouldnt even be looking at coming off the following board just trying to get the first CR in the bank so to speak.

Many Thanks for any assistance

X-Mech, take a look on your posting order. The second page in should tell you and your unit when you next CR is due.

Failing that, speak with your units SSA and he/she should beable to advise your better. As a rule of thumb, it should not be any less than 6 months from your TOS date. It all really depends as to whever you are a JNCO or SNCO (different report dates), the date of your promotion and your posting date.

Hope this helps.

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I think you may find that if you are promoted on posting, then you should have a CR on leaving your unit. As mentioned above it will be on your posting order. However, you must have done 6 months in the rank before the next CR date otherwise you will sit on the board of your previous rank. ie. come of the Cpl to Sgt board in spring and start wearing in August, then you will not have done 6 months in rank by October (SNCO reporting period) therefore you would have a CR written as a Cpl. Your first CR as a Sgt would be the following October. I think this is pretty much the same for all ranks, but depends on reporting period etc.

No doubt someone will correct me on this.
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