I would be interested to know everbody's opinoins on CR's (all ranks and units). I think this would also be a good place to complie a guide to safe CR.  ???


War Hero
Ban them.

If someone leaves the Army, then everyone who wants the job goes to the Stadium at Aldershot.

All contenders get issued a sword and a 9mm Browning.

Last one standing gets the job.

He deserves it.

Its a bit like survival of the fittest, but better.

And you would never be able to argue that he's crap.



War Hero
CRs could be good but reporting officers are scared to write anything critical in them.

I have had steadt A Grades, plus the odd O Grade, but if you really read what that means in the book I should be superman!

I wish that you could be/report on somebody honestly and not career foul him/her.  For example give C grades and that person still gets promoted, because if you read about what a C grade is that probably qualifies for most of us.

Best one I did hear of is Israeli soldiers who upward report, ie, a report on your boss - not that could be fun...!


Depends what rank you are as to their importance. ORs CRs seem to many officers to be an im-buggerance (lord knows what the swear checker will do to that!), and they are often last minute rush jobs. People should remember that they are not just a piece of yellow paper, they are a year in a guy's life. I also agreed that too many are over graded. You try giving someone a C these days. Even if it is 2 grades higher than he deserves, you just know there is going to be a redress.
Officers on the other hand! Well there is so much planning, time and effort put into their whole CR and Career planning it is unbelievable. They even have there own Staff Branch at DIV just to look after their careers and CRs. Wish as much attention had been paid to my career. Stil not for long, the most exciting thing I have done for years in the Army...........resettlement.


But there are some corkers out there.. I mean, how to dress up the english language to say something, without saying it, but in a way that everyone knows what your trying to say, but without makeing it obvious your trying to say it..   ;)

I heard of a Navy bloke once who`s boss just cut through the crap and wrote it how it was..

"This sailor uses my ships to carry him from port to port, and my officers to carry him from bar to bar!"  Got to be an OY in my book  ;D

Drunken bum who gets stropy and punchy after a few..
"An excelent social member of the mess who supports all functions, and has a good understanding of current affairs, which he can be very vocal about." Or
"This man has a self destruct button, which he pushes with boring regularity."

We love CRs

New Q

CR is a very useful tool sadly so is the person writing it ? until standardisation is reached they will never be fair and that is the point here. There is nothing wrong with the document at all. Just the TWERP writing it ?


CRs are a complete wate of time because you can't write what you want to about people, largely because of the massive over reporting that has characteristically happened in the past.

If a CR is to be of any use then it must be an accurate and objective appraisal of an individuals performance for the year. Great, but who writes them? Answer: nobody.

If he's a ******, tell him he's a ****** - he'll soon sort his life out if he's got any sense. If he doesn't then he's not worth the effort anyway.
Once again, get that godawful chip off your what must be now lopsided shoulder.

Officers' career plots / CRs, well thought out?  Try again.  Everybody knows that it's a cross between the Adjutantal Catapult and some bloke with a set of darts and the career wheel of fortune at APC.  What's more, being an officer it is most unlikely that he is any good with arrows.
And if I'm not mistaken there is a soldiers' MCM.  But then you probably knew that.

Best and most honest reports, see JCSC.  I'm sure those who have recieved one will agree on their forthright content.

Rule 1

Don't upset the guy writing yours in the fortnight before he writes it.

(Everybody knows its supposed to be a balanced statement of your whole years performance, but you can't change human nature).

Rule 2

You can't change rule 1.


Correct shout there SGTROCK

We all know and play the game

It doesn't matter what happens in the first 8-9 months

Just run a function or Adv Trg in the last 2-3 months and as long as its a success your away

Writing for the Good lads is easy
for the weaker its hard

Just had one back saying re-draft as it says nothing about the lad.....................................
thats right hes done nowt !!!!!!!