Can someone tell me if it is too late for a redress on your CR after it has appeared in front of the promotion board ?

not honestly sure, but thought you needed to ask for a redress before it leaves the unit.

there will be far more qualified/informed people on this forum than me to better answer your question.

good luck anyway.
I would guess that it is possible. That CR will stay on your book for ever and the board will read it every year (at least for the next 3).

If you think it should be redressed, see your unit admin staff who should be able to dig out the correct paperwork. Then do what the paperwork says!

If the board has already sat and the results published, a redress of complaint could sound like sour grapes. Be careful how you approach this one. And good luck.


Is this a genuine or hypothetical question?

It may have changed recently, but you had 3 months in which to submit a redress on your CR. I assume that the board has sat outside that time period? Even if it hasn't, why did you let it go so far? Why didn't you submit a redress earlier. Sorry, it's not probably what you want to hear, but it's the first thing that entered my mind.

The second obvious question is, s it your CR that you are challenging or the decision of the board? The latter is based upon several CRs as you know, so it could be a combination of areas which failed to see you be promoted. It could be that you were well over the quality line and that there just weren't enough jobs to go round. Sadly, they never tell you when this occurs and you only find out if you are promoted on a later 'reserve' board

If you are determined that the issue was a single CR, you should have challenged it when you had the chance. You would be best off asking your RAO. Sounds like you may have been disappointed by not getting promoted. Beware not to come over as having a 'teddy in the corner' attitude. You'll make an arrse of yourself.
CR? whats one of them then? think I had one 18 months ago.....


I think you've got a better case for redress that the original poster.
It is part 3 of the latest CR that is in question. After speaking with someone who has recently sat on a board, who read my last 3 CR's said that upon reading part 3 a comment made could be taken in the wrong way when read at speed. If read and digested normally they would get the full picture,he therefore thinks it has reduced the points.
Therfore he thinks it was maybe unfair. I didn't challenge it prior to the board as i never thought it would be a problem.



Did you see it before it went off to Glasgow? I'd never seen a Pt 3 of mine before and I didn't realise that I had any until I asked for all of my previous CRs when I submitted my redress.

You might be on sticky ground here though. First, your man from the board needs to stand up and be counted. How you can gauge the opinions of those on the board will be a feat in itself. If you were unaware of the Pt 3 and it was taken into account in considerating you for promotion, then that in itself is worth questioning. Be prepared for the long haul. What was your mans perception of the remark? Was that the opinion of everyone else on the board? How does he know that if this is the case? Did the board discuss it and if so what conclusion did they arrive at? Proving that the remark was 'misinterpreted' might be difficult, but it would be a reasonable request to ask for an explanation from the author of Pt 3 as to what he meant by it. I would expect that around this point 'your man on the board' will back off and make some excuse as to how 'he' may have misinterpreted the comment. At the end of the day, interpretation of the remark is what appears to be the crux of your issue. How you prove that it was misleading, without giving any further comment to us, I'm not sure. You'd need to give more away and as you will probably ID yourself, I'd be guarded against doing so on this forum.

I would add that it is pretty unprofessional for an Officer who was part of a board o be discussing it with you. What's his motive? Your situation is quite different from the usual CR/Promotion Board issues.
He did not sit on my board but was giving me his opinion of his experience when he sat on one and that comment could possibly have been misinterpreted on the board as to what it actually ment. Thankyou for your comments

As has been mentioned, you have three months from the date to which you became aware of something that you feel has wronged you. The rules for redress are open for interpretation in the same way that Army Appeals Wings also interpretation them, when it suits them. :roll: There are many considerations on the three month rule, Course, Exercise and Deployments. Take these into consideration whe putting your point accross.

Again as before, you need to ask yourself why? Are there any combat indicators that would make you feel there is a conflict between yourself and the RO of said remark. I have seen a vast number of ACRs with the sly remark made, its normally at the very end, nearly all had a motive that could be tracked down to a single point of contact. Some times its normally something so trivial its beyond belief. When submitting a redress you need put it in writing simply and sensibly why you feel this remark was made. Dig out your MYA compare it, do some ground work first then present your Redress. The CO can say to you out of time but cannot walk away from it that easily it still has to go higher up. If your career takes further knocks then at least you have a record of bringing such things to the attention of your chain of Command before.
One other point, I have also had to deal with what I would call piggy in the middle. One Officers using the OR to settle a score against the other. Just the mention of a soldier redressing against an officer these days raises eyebrows and can hamper that Officers career, when an investigation is ongoing be very weary


He shouldn't have said anything like that to you. You don't really know if that comment or its interpretation were at fault for your lack of success on the board. I'd put this one down to experience and in future, challenge it straight away if you feel there is something amiss. If you can read two meanings into one sentence or comment, so can the board so seek clarification through having the comment rewritten. You should have challenged it when you had the chance. You've missed the boat I think and even if you haven't, I doubt you'll have any success at redress, as you can't determine exactly what prevented you from being promoted.

Maybe it was a case of you just weren't good enough. You probably don't want to hear that but you can't rule it out.

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