Can anyone tell me, what I can do about having been in 17yrs but now that I've come out on the redundancy list, that my Battalion can only find CRs for 3 of them.
I have been told I should go for mismanagement, but don't know why.


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Sensible answer:

Your Battalion shouldn't hold ANY SJARs or OJARs (that's what CRs are now called) for you. Most will actually hold your last one, but the rules on Data Protection mean that the only places you can get one are APC, or on your own JPA Appraisals page. They should all be there (at least since JPA kicked in).

If you can't find one on JPA speak to your SSA who should be able to put you in touch with SPVA Disclosures.
All my OJARs and their predecessors going back to 1994 are on my JPA account. Go to your JPA homepage and scroll down to the bottom of the list to 'View own appraisal'. They should all be there in reverse chronological order all the way back to your first. Anything before OJAR/SJAR may be called 'Legacy'.
Your unit should not hold any. Some of your ROs may have them held illegally on their computer workstations. If you don't get a result put in an FOI request to find out where your reports are and quote the Data Protection Act 1998. Your CoC will be deeply in the shit if they cannot be found and only reasonably in the shit if they are found in the wrong place.

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