CRs written by other cap Badges. How are they.

Discussion in 'REME' started by bohica, May 19, 2006.

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  1. I am after opinions from all on how they think their CR's written by other cap badges compare to those written by REME officers.

    For example (from experiance)

    Hanging round a REME Bn doing the job but not really and getting awesome CR's,
    to busting a gut at LAD's for below average CR's written by QM's (other Badges) who ask who is who the day before your CR.

  2. tell me about it got my first one shit one after 15 years.
  3. Serving with Arty at the time, Part 1 written by QM, first line reads:

    'L/Cpl ******** is a conscientious JNCO of average height and build.'

    Probably important when applying for a walk on part in Dad’s Army, but can’t see how that was going to sway the board? :?
  4. I was once told on a REME roadshow that CR's written by 'Other Capbadges' are always graded down and taken with a pinch of salt on the board because the REME guys always seem to out shine the parent unit NCO's.
  5. My very first CR when I was stationed at the School of Infantry , Signal Wing was written by a Captain in the Green Howards , when I refused to sign it I was summoned to the COs office where I stood in the corner whilre the author of the report bwas sent for. The first thing the CO did when he came into the office was to point at me and say "Do you know who this is" when he replied "No" I was sent out and could only get the volume not the content of the b........g. My report was written by a Royal Sigs officer who actually knew me. This was in 1964, things don't change.
  6. [quote="Tiff Meister
    'L/Cpl ******** is a conscientious JNCO of average height and build.' [/quote]

    You're lucky Tiffmeister! That same year off the same d1ckhead QM, I got " Cpl 'Cracklenose' is of average height but of very stout build" :x
  7. You're lucky Tiffmeister! That same year off the same d1ckhead QM, I got " Cpl 'Cracklenose' is of average height but of very stout build" :x[/quote]

    Jesus, good job he wasn't writing your RWOC report too :lol:

    'Cpl Cracklenose is the the double of '70s wrestling and Auf Wiedersehen Pet star, Pat 'Bomber' Roach' :wink:
  8. Come off it T M haven't you seen him recently?!! Open the box cracklenose!!

    And as for average height and build, how long ago was that?!! (dont bite either of you, you both know im far too good looking and athletic to take a pop at!!!!!!! NOT!!!!)

    Back to the thread, I've been reported on by a Civi and RE Col for the last 3 years and whilst I had to help the civi out a little, I can only say that having good CR's by a non REME CO is a good thing. If you can impress other cap badges then REME MCM should take notice.
  9. Hey, you get my vote, I've always been a fan of the Ray Reardon barnet [​IMG] :thumleft:

  10. There we go now we are starting. Do they mark down or do they bump up. We seem to have a difference of opinion. Does anyone know what records look at.

    Food for thought how an RE CO graded all REME Cpl's in the lower third of his unit. We know we all compared notes. Didn't ask all RE Cpl's but of the ones asked (and there were a few) all were in the top third. Never did find anyone in the middle third. The OC Wksp wrote awesome CR that year but still bottom third. Oh before I forget the RLC Cpl's with us were also lower third, all the RE FTR's in the Wksp were top third.

    Now thats gotta be capbadge thing there then.
  11. The CR written by an RLC officer say will have less clout than when written by a REME officer (who has an engineering background)
    CR's from a REME Bn always carry more weight
  12. Not forgetting there is REME input in a CR from BEME or a REME Orificer in Part 3.
  13. Yes you are right there, however does he get to know everyone that well or does he write the same old party line that was written in part 1 & 2.
  15. To tally up with sparky8, having sat on a few boards, getting a good report from another cap badge will always stand you in good stead. However, where a report is not well written, and I have seen plenty of those - eg "Cpl Spanner wears a nicely pressed green uniform and turns up to work on time", then it makes the boards job more difficult. This is where the BEME's input is critical.

    However, if you're the grey man, then expect to get a grey report. If you choose to put your head above the parapet, then it can pay dividends, even in a regiment full of head banging infanteers.

    Also, your tiff/ASM should be brave enough to either flag the lack of proper MS procedure up to the BEME should he/she feel it neccessary.