CRs / SJARs on time?

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by luggage990, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Just checking to see if anyone else has had to endure the new CR / SJAR delivery system that the Army has bought. Nope it's not JPA, it's the good old fax machine.
    Last 2 reports have had to be faxed to MCM on the Friday before and on the Monday of the board sitting.
    Seeing as how our REME has invested heavily in man management, would be interested to know just how many other tradesmen are out there who continually get done over?
  2. This is not a new CR/SJAR technology problem, it is far simpler than that - piss poor management on the part of your RO/admin chain of command. SJARs have to be at MCM Div 2 months after the due date at the latest not the friday before a board! :x
  3. not the admin chain fella, as I was told last week Mickey Mouse wears a REME watch.
  4. Gotta agree, as an ex REME clk I can say that late submission of CRs are invariably due to Reporting Officers sitting on their assses and not actioning them when they should. I would also blame your unit clerical staff/OC for not chasing up the people concerned to make sure they were done in time.
  5. I agree with the other contributors that it is a CoC issue, but these days, it is also your problem. Make a note in your diary and speak to your 1RO if your report does not appear in your "Workflow" by the due date.

  6. My CR was sat in the battalion HQ, lost in some in tray and never arrived in time for the board. I believe it was finally located and sent off a couple of months after the board had sat. :roll: