CRs secret website revealed

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by rebel_with_a_cause, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Noooooooo! They're axing the plain chocolate HobNob, tea breaks will never be the same again, thank God there's still KitKats!
  2. Hahaha! CR's website and the headline article is about pies!! Get in! :D :D
  3. I was inspired by CR's site. Doing home working, so wandered to village shop to purchase packet of plain chocolate hobnobs. They had none, so bought the plain non chocolate ones. It is many years since I had these delicacies. Anyhoo, they have changed. Less oaty hobnobedyness, thinner, and limited taste unless dunked in tea. I seek expert guidance on what has gone wrong with the world - is it me getting old... is it my imagination... or have the bastards destroyed yet another fine British invention? Comments please.
  4. Hobnobs (with or without chocolate) were the mousetrap bait of choice in Crossmaglen's rodent infested SF base-the little furry fuggers can't resist 'em.
  5. Mess dress for a Cpl? Could someone enlighten me...
  6. He possibly left the zero off the measurement :lol:

    Although this isn't really fair is it because poor old CR is stuck on some training area :lol:
  7. Maybe to sit in his room, in the dark, sniffing the barathea cloth and fingering the gold braid stripes, dreaming of the day when...

    Then, he takes out his Winter Warm... :cyclopsani:
  8. RWAC may correct me , but I recall that there was a recruit circa squad 56 who turned up this a British Warm in his off-duty wardrobe?
  9. Was that not "Major Monocole" who I believe was in Squad 58.
  10. RWAC, Many thanks early-onset alzheimers has already set in here.

    I do seem to remember a gentleman's cabin trunk floating around the block an perhaps an errant polo stick or two on top of his locker?

    They were propper walts back in those days!

    Or did me just seem to attract a lot more RCB failures back then?

    Not to forget dear Lord Percy in 90 Section insisted on doing a video of our wedding that merged half-way through to a video USD 501 midge launch somewhere around Soltau / Honhe !

    I really had to bite the end of my tongue as the mother in law's look of delight, suddenly turned to one of abject horror!!