Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. How does the system work? I had a short period in my career when I got a couple of poor confidentials, my last (and current) CO thankfully ignored them but they are still on my record. When I recieved them I didn't realise their significance, i.e. grading not recommended for promotion when I knew I wasn't qualified for promotion.

    I am in the TA and so should I be bothered (the confidentials were made when I'd made one major misjudgement - yep an obvious one - and all went pear shapped, ended up moving regiments). Problem is although I've just been promoted I think these CR's will hold me back from going futher.

    p.s. I have a slight feeling these CR's ended up in my regt coz someone recognised me on here
  2. Live and let live is my advice, I have a couple of Regt entries against my name but have kept my head down for the past few years and am not doing so badly. The only question I wil ask you is why did you not redress at the time you got your CR?? You say you didn't realise their significance at the time but what you are trying to do now, is bolt the stable door after the horse has bolted. My advice to you is roll with it and keep doing what your're doing as they must think something of you to just have promoted you.
  3. Nope, I disagree entirely. The redress system is there to be used, and if you`ve no grounds for redress, you`ll be told pretty quickly. Go to your Chief Clerk, explain what you want to do, and he`ll refer you to the relevant part of the Army Act.
    BTW, I don`t know how the TA works these things, but shouldn`t your CRs be kept at Glasgow? I`ve never heard of them following you round from unit to unit, but perhaps thats what happens for you lot.
    Whatever, if you feel you have been given an unfair report, you should redress it :x
    Good luck!
  4. Polar - a couple of things regarding your question:

    1. Redresses are time limited and must "be submitted in writing within three months beginning with the day on which the matter complained of occurred" and while there are allowances for going over this, it is only if "it was not reasonably practicable for the complaint to have been submitted earlier". It seems to me that you fall at this first hurdle.

    2. It is only possible to redress matters of fact and not opinion. Therefore, if a CO says in a confidential "in my opinion, Polar is a complete arrse" that cannot be redressed. If, however, he said "Polar is an arrse because he turned up late 4 times in a row" when in fact it was only 3, then you could redress that. (In the first instance, it would be possible to produce a representation not ammounting to a redress which is essentially a letter which would be permanently attached to your CR explaining why you didn't agree with the CO and why you're not an arrse.)

    3. If you've been promoted, even with these CRs in your file, then you've nothing to worry about in future. Ask the adjt how a promotion board works and you will realise that, as CRs move to the back of the file they simply don't get read (the board don't have time with approx 3 mins per person).

    4. As a TA soldier, your CRs should follow you from unit to unit. While regulars' are held in Glasgow for the use of promtion boards, yours are held in the unit (all TA soldier promotion being internal to the Regt) for exactly the same reason.

    5. Finally and without wishing to be judgemental in any way, promotion for everyone in the Army is CR based. If someone does mess up (as you admit to) it has to be reflected there, otherwise how else is the promtion pecking order established (although refer to point 3).

    Congrats on the promotion and good luck in the future,

  5. Thanks for the advice, I think I knew redress was time limited and yes CR's are kept within unit.

    Ref: The CR system I transferred in to Sigs where there seems to more weight given to CRs than the infantry and wrongly I didn't understand the significance of a poor report (well not until a year or two later when I understood how sigs worked better - more than likely from reading it on this web site)

    Probably the best thing I can do is prevent someone from making the same mistakes as me (for some reason this thread rings a few bells NCO and Recruit Relatonships - well she wasn't a recruit)
  6. SVM is bang on the button on all counts. What else do you think you are being held back on, if not promotion?
  7. Well definatley not promotion, just a tad concerned it may effect my career in the future if I went for a ...............

  8. ...pee?

    .....ham shank?

    I guess it depends on your misdemeanour. Was it the kind of thing that gets shrugged off as 'these things happen, you just got caught', or 'objection, your honour' - 'overruled!!!!'?

    If you're outside the three months, get over it. Don't waste your effort on worrying about it.
  9. Polar, for someone with 2000+ posts, I am astonished that you should be asking such a question in this forum. You have also been an arrse member (fnarr) for over 2 years and SHOULD surely have gained enough experience and knowledge to allow you to understand the CR system; regardless of the fact that you are a member of the TA.

    Incidently, how long have you been in the TA? Long enough I think to know that you go should to your immediate superior (notice I aviod the "line manager shite") for advice in these matters.
  10. ^As I mentioned earlier I hadn't paid much attention to these matters, my knowledge of how the CR system works comes entirely from these means. Also my 'CR' was of little importance until I joined the corps as a SNCO in 99.

    That I could make that post highlights the biggest difference between TA and Regular, these sort of matters are not really important to us. The same could be said for pay, only recently have I understood Pay 2000 - again learned from these means. Even armed with that I find many TA soldiers not understanding the system and for example quoting Pay 2000 as a reason for not wanting promotion.

    Ask me on trade etc I will probably give you the correct answer. Mil career advice?, I'd ask my civvy colleagues as they've more experience :lol:

    but....... maybe I knew most of what I posted and I'm recce'ing for something else :twisted:
  11. Hmm, how often are CR's produced, and when can we expect to see them? I've been in Just over 1.5 years and not seen or heard of them except on here..
  12. ^Had one yearly for the last 3 years (but none for the 1st 3 years -in Sigs- as far as I'm aware).
  13. The following process should be followed annually:

    1. Start of year interviews with Tp Comdrs which set the objectives for the year (your objectives and also what your boss wants you to do e.g. DITS or trade course or improve fitness etc). This is best done at the same time as last years CR.

    2. Mid Point Appaisal Review (MPAR) - this is to see how well you are doing at the mid point in the year so you have a chance to make changes should it be neccessary before the CR. MPAR data should be kept for 6 months after the CR to aid in any redress.

    3. Confidential Report (CR) which is the official report on the year and goes up to the promotions board if you are up for promotion. This is where the Tp Comdr and your OC writes on you (well Tp Comdr mainly), classically within the Personality (what you are like), Performance (how you have done), Position (where you sit as compared with your peers) and Potential (what the future could hold for you). As has been stated you can only dispute fact in this and not opinion. It is worthwhile though making sure you have your achievements in there - your boss may have forgotten. Part of this is recommendation for promotion.

    That all said in the TA we are all horrifically short of time and sometimes this does not always get followed. Regardless of this it is your career so pay attention to it - this means pushing for courses etc.

    Not much help for Polar (athough it may be worth checking up on how many years reviews go to the boards when your next promotion comes round) but for any young TA personnel learn the system and push your officers (through the relevant chain of command).

  14. Polar

    As someone who sits on TA promotion boards in TA Royal Signals (as well as Reg ones at MCM for that matter) I would advise that as you have 3+ years worth of reports since the ones you are worried about and, as they relate to your old Inf unit, you should have no worries. Board members generally focus only on the last 2 or 3 years reports and start with the 2RO's report. Even if someone reads poor reports from 4 years ago they are likely to be seen (dependant on what was said) as a personality conflict (and many people who get through Promotion Boards at MCM have the odd conflicting Report) or that you have solved the issues and the subsequent reports are reflective of the new you. Given the time both would potentially apply in the eyes of a board member and as you have been promoted since then I think taht says it all.

    If you are intending to do the LECB in the spring (2 Sig Bde's one), the Board will assess you on the last 2 -3 reports and on your performance on the Board.

    So overall, you should have no worries!

    The rest of the advice given above is all sound, not just for you but everyone else reading this and in the same situation.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    Ask your Tp Comd when you can expect to see yours.