CRs during FAS

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Austin_P, Dec 4, 2005.

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  1. My Regiment is being divided as a result of FAS February 06 ( subject to approval from the board)

    My CR is due March 06 and I am trying to push for an early CR before the move, is anyone else experiencing the same issues and have they managed to get an Early CR?
  2. Whats a 'CR'. My unit does not seem to do them. :roll:
  3. Why should it matter, your OC Sigs Sqn will still be writing your report after the split (unless ur disbanding)?

    p.s. CR's seem to be a SNCO TA Sigs thing
  4. Confidential Reports should be an All Ranks and All Arms thing, including Mid Period Appraisal Reports.

    We're falling into line with the Regular Army more and more, and this includes reporting on soldiers.

    Can only think this is a good thing - I've copied mine to my Civil Employer before, and it has been of benefit.
  5. Please correct me if I am wrong, but isn't the part 2 of all TA SNCO's done by the CO, as we are moving CO's we need reports written before we move?
  6. ^No your correct
  7. So how do you persuade the CO to complete CR's for people that are leaving their Regiment? or do you wait until you arrive at a new one and get lousy CR's from a Co that has only known you for a month?
  8. ^Suppose the only answer is to speak to him, your reasons are pretty obvious.

    Might not be that important, I moved units after a crap CR, which was ignored when promotions came about (see signals threads about TA CR's)