CR's - Does The Unit Make A Difference?


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Now, When I am the Emperor, I'm going to have the following baord procedures:

1.     All those who want to be promoted get sent to Aldershot.

2.     They form a lose huddle in the centre of the largest sports field.

3.     Everyone is issued with a blunt sword.

4.     On the signal, everyone must start killing.

5.     Once the required number of promotees are left standing, they are all promoted immediately.

6.     All promotion boards take place on one day, sequentially, thereby a good signaller can make it to comissioned rank by winning in all the 'boards' he/she enters.

7.     The Older, more crusty ranks will not be handicapped by their frailty, as they will be fresh for their scrap, whereas the younger chancer will be a bit more knackered.

Now this plan will only work when I reinstate National Service and make the NHS work.

Like I said,  When I am Emperor...
I would like to throw my ten pence worths here... I m now out of the corps but when I was in, I did the usual circuit, 216 (5AB) 264 and 249, I didnt do this to be a badge collector or large in down the pub or when on my det'ies I did it cos I started off in 3 div and hated polishing tanks and all the other BS that goes with it.

I m interested by CGS's comment that a guy who's done 6 years with 264 should have a weaker profile than someone who's served in a div, In my experience 60-70% of a siggy's time in a div is spent on prepping for the next first or second line inspection, not actually being out in the field fufilling his job spec, whereas the guy in 264 will probably spend 60-70% of his time doing the job he's trained to do, also he's had the gumption to get off his rear end and drag himself round the hillls to earn his place in the squadron.

I m not slating guys that do the div thing but I belive that just because the individual has chosen to serve with the cream of the corps and to stay there rather than go back to the div mentality should not be held against him when it comes to promotion time, alot of guys would rather be passed over for rank or as in my case leave rather than go back to div's or regiments.
CR's load of old bollocks, i just missed out on a board when the OC phoned MCM to find out why i had not come off / where i had came. He was told the CO's part was just not written as it should of been.

But  the corps now has taken to promoting old fucks who have been on the sick for the last 5-9 years swinging the lead, and all get a DS pass on Sgt Cse
Surely 90% of the people that came of the IS SSgt board had less than 2 years to serve, I thought if you didnt have a reasonable chance of promotion to WO1 by your 20 -22 year point point then you stopped being promoted.

I dont mean any disrespect to the guys who did come off and you would always expect one or two but 90% is extreme.

And yes I am a Sgt who didnt come off.  It would be nice just to know policies, ie  will it always be the same or is their a chance by the time myself gets to the same point theres a chnge in policy and its the young sgts getting it.
If the grade you are given is so meaningless then why have it at all?
And it is true, most people are overgraded, if you actually read the definintion of an 'O' grade you would have to be superman and work 25 hours a day to achieve one, however CO's dish them out like soft mick as they believe that it is the only chance they have of getting a guy promoted.
This does however leave the door open for other not so deserving people to get a chance for promotion.
Does the unit make a difference? Following the recent Cpl to Sgt promotion board the statistics were as follows by major Signal Regiments:

1st - 7 Sig Regt - 12 promotions.

2nd equal - 1 (UK) HQ & Sig Regt and 16 Sig regt - 9 promotions (note 16 Sig Regt is much smaller).

4th - 2 Signal Regt - 7 promotions.

5th - 3 Div HQ & Sig Regt - 6 promotions.

6th equal - 14 Sig Regt and 30 Sig Regt - 4 promotions.

8th - 21 Sig Regt - 3 promotions.

9th - 15 Sig Regt - 2 promotions.

Notwithstanding the above figures 264 Sig Sqn had 15 promotions on the list.

Get yourselves posted to Elmpt, where you can enjoy fishing, bowling, swimming, golf, gliding and many other things. Oh by the way, you also stand a very good chance of promotion due to the writing skills of the CO's that get posted to 7 and 16.

Happy in Elmpt
Happy in Elmpt - CO@Elmpt you are quite right to point out the fact that main line units on a % basis have acheived more. Notwithstanding this though I must reiterate the point that a well framed pen picture stands an Officer or Soldier in good stread. The grade sets the tone and scene of a report - least we remember that an OJAR and 2048/7 has only a small amount that depicts their trade. MCM Div is looking at an Officer and Soldier on what EXTRA he/she contributes to the Regiment and the Community they so reside.

I am sure you will all agree we are very, very professional Officers' and Soldiers' (hence our collective training) today MCM is looking too what YOU have to offer extra to what they provide - look at CPD (continuing Professional Development and IiP) these lead to better managers and better TEAM players.

My time in Elmpt has been very invigerating, but tinged with minor challenges, maybe if people worked togerther it would work - YES I am Niaive, and YES I do care so blahhhhhhhhhhhh
GP3 Bunny - must agree with you, and I tell my lads to remember that of the 21 boxes that are used on 2047/8 only 4 are strictly trade related. When two guys are equal at trade the one that brings an extra dimension to Army life through extra-mural activities will always fare better than the one who does nowt.

Happy in elmpt


Your unit, and those writing your CR does have an effect on some promotions.

Fortunately the Corps seems to be cracking down on Outstanding CRs. However to compete with those in the same rank as you, you have to be graded very close to each other.

It is a sad day when those above you write a CR which is deemed too high a grade by Commanders/Commanding Officers. In some cases because the CO has not seen you due to the fact that you whilst you are serving in far away places.

If everyone who was exceptional were graded in the A column then the battle for promotion would level out. Too many want the O CR, but recieve a mediocre write up, then complain about it. If your CO is not recognised as a premier unit CO, then this may have a detrimental effect on your write up.

Common problem may be that there are too many good people battling for promotion, all across the Corps. That may be why personnel feel they are due promotion, without realising that there are many in the same boat piloted by Jimmy himself.
It seems to me that there is some confusion here about what the boxes are for on the 2048 (Including the Boards). The grading i.e. O, A, B etc only indicates how the individual has performed in their current appointment, so every soldier should be attempting to attain a good grade if they wish too be perceived as doing a good job. The promotion part of the CR, is in the opinion of the Reporting Officer as to the suitability of the individual to be promoted to the next rank. This should also be clarified in the text of the CR as to the individual’s ability and potential. The problems with this system are:

1. Every OC/CO want to see someone who has done a good job for them rewarded. Reward in the forces is perceived to be promotion.
2. OC/CO wishing to ensure soldier has the best possible chance on the board, tends to overwrite individuals.
3. If OC/CO is grammatically very good, report will standout against the rest, individual achieves promotion.
4. Soldier’s perception as to having been rewarded for doing a good job, be promoted to the next rank.

Conclusion drawn by those personnel not selected for promotion from this… Belief that the CR system is rubbish because they know soldier x at 94 Bottle Washer Bde, who has been selected for promotion and he/she does not cut the mustard in their opinion compared to individuals that have not been selected.

So does it matter which unit the individual is serving at? It shouldn’t but it does!

It’s hard to sore like an Eagle when you are working with Sparrows wings!
It is obvious that your 2nd reporting officer must be able to write a CR correctly. You have probably all seen the MCM Div road show slide of bad examples written on real CRs.

We have always been told that the first write up is for you, a nice pat on the back or a written bollo*king dependent. The second write up is the important part. Your OC/CO should inform the board how he sees you compared to your peers in your unit and also where he sees your career going.

If he does this, it makes it easier for the board - i.e. Top third of my Cpls in trade, will make an outstanding SNCO, promote now.

If he(ops/she) just writes "This bloke is a excellent at his trade and an all round soldier !! They then must think about it. The board do not get long on each CR, you help them with their thinking - you get you men promoted.

And it does matter which CO/OC writes it, not always from which unit, if the originator is known to over mark, then the board will actually discount what he puts down.

COatELMPT is correct. There are more people than posts on each board. You have to sell yourself, just being good at a trade is not enough. You need to stand out with something else.
A friend of mine has just recieved a commendation off an American General while serving in a different theatre, do these actually carry any weight on our promotion boards and should / could the commendation be attached to the Operational Insert (IER). The IER only refers to a commendation was applied for and was recievd after the IER was written.
Not sure on the legalities, get him to check with his Chief Clerk who should know.

Any write up of a soldier which puts him in a good light, that has not come from the individuals unit, should inhance his standing with the board. It confirms what his CR says (hopefully) and comes from an external source.

This then re-enforces the comments on his CR - that is if he gained a good CR in the first instance.
Gents (and ladies..)

I left the Corps several years ago after becoming despondent at the CR issue and what WAS happening as opposed to what was supposed to happen. After several '0's, great write ups I still did not get promoted, despite the CO's write up's. I left the Corps thinking that I would never have to go thru this again...guess what..same thing happens in Civvie Street!!!

Point I am making is that what is important is not if u r good at ur job, but the extra things you bring to the job..just like a CR. My advice is do more outside of ur trade, and I dont just mean playing sports ect. Do charity stuff, things like that. Attend ur own self development courses..improve ur self.

I now work for Dell as a programme manager by the way.
In my experience it is a combination of timely and accurate reporting of the individual. Coupled with the style of the 2nd RO.

If that person( 2nd RO) is known (and respected), then their reports will be read 'better' on boards.

Poor Commanders, who are known as poor writers tend to have a low crop on promotion boards.

Look at all corps, seek your friends fm others and compare.

I am impartial as I am in another service, but we have the same problems
I've only got one more true board for my warrant, then I'm in my last two years. The damage to my career path was done whilst serving with NATO. The honourable IS Ski Geek and myself served together and in the four years I can not remember one SNCO promotion that was not a supervisor of some sort.

I am happy with my decisions including staying at 280 because it was a great life and taking my name off the IS Supvr list, when I had only four years left to do.

4 fantastic CRs from 280 no promotion, 1 fantastic report from 14 and some great report writing from MZ and I'm a staffie!! I'm now at a Bde and my CR arrived at records a week before the board due to admin fu*k ups.

In summary of course your unit matters but its also your commander but most of all it's down to the individual to make the right choices, to make the best of every posting and put the effort and be MAD (make a difference)!!!!!!!!!!!

IS Ski Geek

War Hero
Allthough on the home on the biff at the moment. I have heard through the grapevine that the final 2 years and promotion ban thing is out of the window.

If anyone has any news on this and would like to post then please do so.

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