CRRARV and Oshkosh rolled near our camp!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by C5H12O, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Apparently this just happened...hope the lads are ok!
  2. The roundabout it tipped on isnt exactly a fast one...and a well known route in Tank Transporter circles so it may not be driver error.
  3. hasn't something(s) fell off HET's before? 8O
  4. yes....just a few times!!!
  5. and is it known for being a little bit wobbly when it comes to corners?lol :lol:
  6. NO doubt caused by trying to aviod hitting the mong in the elccy wheel chair :D
  7. Ferndown......Gods holding area for pensioners prior to them departing this world!!!!
  8. Am I right in thinking that a chally came off a transporter in Marchwood in the past couple of years?
  9. The main ones - a Chally 2 slid off around Salisbury Plain, doing a trial/demo thingy, then there was a CRAAV that came of at the junction of the BAB 30/33 (Osnabruck area) the other month. We also lost a RETCH in the Sand Pit (2004) Not bad seeing how the vehicle has only been in service a couple of years. The trailer doesn't have a 'well' for the loads to sit in as did the Crane Freuhauf, therefore more attention is required when it comes to loading, restraint and driving the vehicle.
  10. If it's not driver error it is certainly somebody's error. 40 plus (or whatever the weight is) tonnes does not just fall off the back of a trailer. This has happened on sufficient enough occassions to warrant the fleet being grounded and sent back to where it came from. Some innocent road user and or pedestrian is going to be killed, God forbid.

    It would seem to me that insufficient pre production testing was completed by the contractor prior to inservice of the vehicles. If memory serves me correctly these vehicles had to meet special types (STGO) as well as European regulations; in my experience you do not very often see the same cock up happening more than once in civilian heavy transport operations - if it does they will be rapidly releived of their Operators License by a Traffic Commissioner (who will probably be a retired Brigadier late RCT/RLC!!). Is this not the third "Oshkosh Roll Over/Load Off Trailer" incident in a non operational environment?

    Another point, if this is what happens on properly designed and built roads what the hell happens when going cross country (which, once again, if memory serves me correctly was part of the SOR).

    Comments please......
  11. If trailer failure is ruled out and with the other CRAAV coming off, I'd be looking at the loading and restraint. There should be 6 chains holding it down but if they are not correct it could lead to load shift, this and the wrong speed may cause the vehicle to overturn.