CROYDON the real Lake District!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. Lake District attracts an estimated 16million tourists a year
    South Norwood's famous past residents include Pickles the dog who found the stolen World Cup trophy.
    Lake District officially only has one lake while there are two in South Norwood - so self-styled tourism bosses demand the right to use the name Cumbria tourism bosses hit back and say south London only has ponds!

    More on Croydon NOT being a shit hole@
  2. After the last twelve months I think pretty much anywhere in the UK is a fucking lake!
  3. Didn't see many lakes last time I was in Croydon.
  4. No amount of daily wail propoganda will ever convince me that Croyden isnt just a putrid erupting zit on the ragged arse of the Universe and thats on a good day
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  5. That sir, is an excellent idea. Would there be room for Bromley?
  6. And Swanley.
  7. The only lake in Croydon is probably the piss/beer/tea/spunk swamped floor of the Cab office of Joey Deacon and his 9 mates
  8. Aerial Photo of Croyden friday night outside the Chav and Slug...........

  9. Tried Hull recently?
  10. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    There are lakes in Croydon. They are fed by the river Wandle.

    River Wandle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Carshalton Pond.jpg

    A friend of mine had the unfortunate pleasure of doing water quality tests a few years ago - the faecal content of the water was such that she had no desire to go paddling in it.

    In another part, the Wandle only maintains its flow because of the discharge of treated effluent into it from a sewage works.

    Rather in keeping with the character of the area then...

  11. Nope, but then again I havent shoved a red hot poker up my arse recently either...... effect is about the same, but at least with the poker I save a bit on petrol........
  12. Plenty of pond life though
  13. Back in the 18th/19th century the Wandle was famous for its trout. Earlier, even Isaac Walton praised it. Sic transit gloria Croydon
  14. Now its only got Pike(ys) ------------ see wot I did there?