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Croydon shooting

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
Maybe a bit of good news
I hope the bastard croaks, painfully

Metropolitan Police Sargeant Matt Ratana’s suspected killer is reported to have been hospitalised, having contracted Covid.

Sgt Ratana, a much-loved and hugely respected veteran police officer, was shot dead in Croydon in September 2020.

Suspect Louis De Zoysa is said to be ‘seriously ill’ with the virus, as per the Sun.

De Zoysa, of Norbury, South London, was left partially paralysed since the shooting after sustaining a self-inflicted gunshot wound while struggling with police.

He was critically ill for weeks at St George’s hospital in Tooting and has remained in hospital under guard ever since.

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
Oh dear. Spent some time at St. Georges. An excellent hospital. Shame they have to take the ordure in.
A grand hospital, my old man was a bit crook so they drilled holes in his nut and stuck pipes in , not sure why perhaps they were bored or he was pissing them off !!, I got chatting to a West Indian lady who was a retired SRN . she told me that she started her training there in the 60s, introduced her to my mum, they got on like a house on fire , my mother was taken there after a bomb landed next door, , I think it was called something else then,
its bloody massive, but everybody was so very helpful, especially when they lost me old man ( again) soppy old git was trying to leg it

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