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Croydon shooting

"Sir, I approached the suspect from behind and placed my hand over his mouth. I then cut his throat with my dagger",

"And you really think this constitutes a Reasonable use of Force, Assistant Commissioner?!"

"Well, neither myself nor any of my lads were injured by the bugger, sir. Seems bloody reasonable to me..."

I forgot to add,

"Fearing for my safety and the safety of others", and

"I relied on my common law right to a pre-emptive strike in self-defence due to my honest and genuinely held belief of impending assault'

(That still in OST training, or have I just properly shown what a dinosaur I am these days?)
Any more detail on this?

There's a bit more background here:

There's a follow-on photo showing the young man being closely supervised by other members of the Force:

(Waves hand in the air)Oh, me sir! I know this one!

- T&C's that are not an adequate compensation for the increasingly stressful nature of the job(or Job).

- Previous cuts to manpower means those still left are increasingly understaffed and overworked.

- Senior ranks with relatively little experience on the front line, so to speak, who's only real concern is their own advancement. And thus have no interest in supporting the coppers they command.

- Politicians who pay lip service to the police, but won't hesitate to evacuate themselves all over the rank and file from a great height the moment it become politically expedient. Why yes, Mrs May, I was looking at you.

- A perversion of the the ideal of, "Equality", to the point that rank and file coppers find it difficult to do their jobs if the offenders belong to a certain demographic. Rotherham is, of course, the perfect example.

- Steadily diminishing respect from the public. Especially the section of it who believes the law doesn't apply to them and that coppers are walking punch bags who should just take anything thrown(sometimes literally)at them without attempting to defend themselves.

Did I miss anything? ;)

This says a lot of the political BS we see in senior ranks ..

Growing up in Glasgow we used to frequent an infamous bar/club called the "Barrowlands" fantastic atmosphere a guaranteed sphincter clenching night out.

Being locals we knew which guys not to make eye contact with unless approached and greeted with a grunt and a wee smirk.
Of course the safest place to stand and drink was within close distance of these gang members as no one from off their turf would approach.
My cousin shugie who was about 16 at the time displayed a Glasgow smile inflicted on him by a nutter on the bus on the way home one night. Completely out of no where this throbber pulls a straight razor and slashes 2 people, legs it up the bus and also gives the driver a smile for good measure. Once in the army i rarely ever got the jitters in any squaddie bars filled with pussy cats.

My bold ... I had digs just over the road from the W. of Scotland cricket ground, the pub I mostly used was the Curlers in Byres road, a bit more salubrious.
Mind you occasionally after work some of the lads from work would go to Betty's bar on the Broomielaw. That could be a little rough, fortunately a lot of the labourers from the factory were graduates of the "Bar L", former Barlinnie prison inmates, and were well able to look after themselves and this Southern chap!
Ice pops from the cafe by the swings, proper Tarmac to discourage falling off the climbing frame or roundabout.
Get a room you two.

Croydon Premier Inn is nice this time of year.

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