crows in the army

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by combat016, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. nigs in the army to date what do we think of them
  2. That we were all there once? (Well, those of us who are or were in the job)

    What's your point?
  3. Its not 5.56 in another guise is it????
  4. sorry mate they do not listen to a thing you say they pisxxxf to there rooms an play the x box
  5. What would you prefer them to do of an evening? Get pi$$ed and cause trouble?
  6. i mean in work time nothing gets done
  7. Then if you are an NCO GRIP THE LITTLE SH1TS Don't just whinge about them - do something about it. AGAI 67 is a cool tool!!
  8. i would rather kick the shit out of them like the good old days
  9. Welcome to the new Army fella!!
  10. I bet they have a working knowledge of grammar, though.
  11. I'm not saying "contact counselling" a)didn't happen nor b)was effective but what really works is example, enthusiasm, grip and above all professional challenge. If they choose not to play ball, then as the correspondent above says, get AGAI 67 on their ass. Remember you can't make a tom do what you want but you can always make them wish they had done... 8)
  12. Combat you got proper ripped there man!! By a bird too...lololol... Im after a bite...
    However can I suggest you try "Commanding respect". AGAI 67 as pointed out is a very useful tool, but to me you should only really need to use it in set a standard! If you are an NCO and had to post this thread and really needed advice on discippline maybe you should consider taking a step back and gettting a grip of yourself before even considering attempting to sort others.
    All this said I do understand the point I think youre trying to make, you just worded it bleakly!
  13. Legs give him some more please..... :wink: lololol... god Im a child!
  14. Surely an NCO should be able to articulate his/her point across in the correct fashion, otherwise how are they supposed to properly brief the guys, or set an example to those below them.
  15. like i have said they are little shits an need a good kicking an bye the sounds of it you big shits an a lass need a kicking you jumped up cxxts