CROWS in Iraq

I am all for new technology, but what happens when you get a stoppage?

Which rather neatly bypasses the point of the system.

Oh wait, you haven't read the article and thought he was referring to new soldiers :lol:

As far as I can see its only really good on an armoured platform. L/R Snatch won't be strong enough to support it and carry sufficient ammo and WMIK has no armour. Also we don't have the weapons systems they do - although I can understand an UOR for Mk19's!!

Can it really replace the top-cover all round obs that you need in an urban environment?

Can't see its utility unless you have a top-cover who can duck under cover when it gets sporty to return fire?

Is it the yanks throwing technology and money at a problem again?
Very nice, but a camera can never replace the mk1 eyeball when it comes to identifying threats in urban areas.
I hope the camera can zoom, so that the septics can identify the target prior to engagement......

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