Crows and 2Bn

Hi all you old sweats,I am new to the forum so excuse any questions I ask if they are

a) extremely bone.
b) already been asked 100 times.

I have been reading through the R.E.M.E. topics and I have noticed the ammount of comments refrence crows and lack of discipline etc..
Now I am new to the Corps( although I am 30......... pauses for laughter, yes very late entry at 28 and 7 months) and although I agree that some of these young lads need gripping big time (I"ve had to grip a few myself) lets not forget that there are some out there that display strong work ethics, discipline etc.

My point is that it concerns me to read of ppl slapping new lads to Army for mistakes etc( we all make em even the experienced) I think that this shows a lack of leadership. I have 2 kids of my own and found that discipline through violence does not work ( Knowing from first hand experience) Explaining the consequences of their actions and pointing them in the right direction ( sometimes with restriction of privillages ) seems to work much better..... failing that a good smack round the head lol.

Well just to end a bit more upbeat a little joke for your pleasure...

A brain and a turd walk into a bar.
The brain says to the barman "Two pints of lager cheers mate"
The barman says " I"m not serving you"
Brain asks why not,
Barman says " well your out your head and your mates steaming "

Dud Da Dum Tissssss :roll:
Good post.

Falli is a great place 30 mins from Hanover and 45 mins from Hamburg. Nice little town if you like the country and out door life. 2Bn will be ok. The Bn have an excellent gym, which is good news for your rehab program. If you are downgraded threw no fault of your own and are keen not to be seen as yet another working their ticket, then here is a tip. Be seen to be proactive in your own rehab, this is win win because chances are you will get fitter quicker and you will be viewed in a positive light.

Nice to see that there are craftys out there that can be grown up.

As DD says Fally is great. I served 4 years at 2 Bn in Fwd Pl and have never had such a good time.

Everyone will tell you that it is s**t but find out for yourself.
A Mech, sometimes you dont realise how green the grass really is until your on the other side. Looking back 2 Bn was an excellent posting when I was there, and speaking to a few guys who have come from there recently it still holds true.
Well, I've just spent a few months attached to them in Iraq and they seem a reasonable bunch. Well, for a REME Bn that is. As for the fitness thing, their CO and RSM are fitness fanatics so good luck on that front....
I was at 2bn in 92-95, so I will be interested in how you find it, that is if you are not too busy writing up your reports for whichever newsrag you work for.
Its a long time since I was in Fally. 2 Haunts I went to were Cafe Fox - where I met my beloved wife, and Kupfer Kettle, oh and not forgetting Bernies by the railway tracks.

Alot of people slag Fally, but I had a great time.
FRG7 and pack sect 1992-1994
My first post was 2Bn (or 7 Armd Wksp as it was when I arrived there at the beginning of '92). Thought it was a great place and had a great time there.

Fally can appear a bit small at first but as has been said already, it's under an hour away from two great citys. Both of which have excelent nightlife.

Was back in Fally a couple of years ago (RHF/The Watch) and the old placed hadn't changed much at all.

Good luck out there mate, and welcome to 'The Corp', ARTE ET PARTE!! :twisted:
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