Crowdfunding - Any Experiences?

I'm a long term fan of Zopa and their peer to peer lending model and have been looking at crowdfunding which seems like an interesting way to do a similar thing for companies. Anyone tried it or got any views?
Actually yes.

My other half funded a documentary via a set up called indiegogo Indiegogo. They seem to specialize in films and doccos. Unfortunately the Mrs is in Cannes raising funds for a another project (or so she says) so I can't get details.
As I recall you set a target, blast the word around all your friends and colleagues who then hopefully chip in. If you raise the goal amount you pay a fee of 4pct - if you don't raise the amount you were aiming for Indiegogo keep 9pct of monies raised.

To be honest, initially it felt a little like passing the dreaded sponsorship form around your 'mates' but I was surprised how enthusiastic people were about the project. She was selling them the 'you can be a mini producer' line - which is not quite true as there is no promised return on the investment - simply a warm glow from helping to put together a worthwhile film.....


Edited to add: 'Sir....'

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