Crowd funding Whisky/Gin Distilleries


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There seems to be a growing trend for crowd funding Whisky and Gin Distilleries, well around here anyway.

I thought it be might be of interest to those rich and not so rich ARRSErs.

GlenWyvis Distillery buy in as little as £250 but only whisky

Crowd funding Dornoch Distillery options start from £50 but is Gin and Whisky, as could see results very quickly.
It's certainly popular. When the BiL was a senior partner at DeLoittes he told me that one of the partners, being an accountant, did the cost maths on the amount of company branded whisky they give away around the planet as xmas gizzits. It was calculated that it would be cheaper and ultimately more profitable to buy a distillery. So they did.

Getting a corporate contract, or two, is a nice way to go.


At first glance the Glen Wyvis lookalike a fair punt. A bit more business like compared to the other. A distillery, properly run, has the potential to turn a tidy profit for its investors. I've a couple of friends in the US who own gin and vodka distilleries and another who owned a distillery in Scotland. Once up and running they can be good earners. Emphasis on the "Once".