Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. I, my wife and my daughter are entering the JK 2008 Orienteering Festival at Easter. Accommodation at Crowborough has been offered but never having been there I am keen to get some info on the facilities.

    Could anybody out there give me some indication of the standard of accommodation, dining and on-camp facilities, local amenities etc at this camp, and an opinion on whether I might be best seeking local B & B instead.

  2. Went there as a cadet about 3 years ago.

    The accomodation is your average that you'll find on any training camp. Same kind of accomodation like at West Tofts at STANTA. The food, if I remember correctly, was not bad. There was a bar there but I obviously didn't experience this as a cadet :p . There was a NAAFI type place called the crows nest ?? Which seemed to be like your average NAAFI on a training camp.

    Hope this helps, like I said , I was there 3 years ago as a cadet so things may have changed in that time.
  3. AllyJS,

    As I suspected it seems to be a bog-standard trg camp. Many thanks for your reply.

  4. ally-

    Let's just check - in what capacity did you visit & was it long ago?
  5. *shudder*

    *twitch* *twitch*

    ok.... my experiences 04/04 - stained + ripped matresses. Accomodation below par. Peeling paint, leaking windows etc.
    Food; reasonable, ish, but portions were designed for the many cadets they have their, not grown (ish) men.
    Local amenities: what?
    NAAFI - definitely below par.

    I suppose as a training camp it was alright, but its set up for ACF/ATC, it's oldish and kind of run down...
    The local training area was bearable for some purposes, but was tiny. I can imagine for orienteering it's quite good, due to changes in relief, conveniently placed wood blocks etc.

    My advice: B&B
  6. Oh yeah; forgot to mention that there were some blocks better than others (normally are). Shower facilities in seperate blocks; once I were using were ok, but the females had one miles away from their accomodation.
  7. Cow

    Cow LE

    Is this the place with the assault course at the bottom of the hill and the naafi at the top? Think I went there as a sprog cadet in 93
  8. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Met Mrs BA there in 1994 -which was the last time I was there. For obvious reasons I have rather a soft spot for Crowborough.

    Mind you its also the place from which I was launched into a river log run in Nov 1981. We had to smash the ice before we could enter the water - so Crowborough holds some less attractive memories and I remember it being v cold in the winter when I was a cadet in the 70's.

    All the above is of no use to you!
  9. Your funny you are........... w*nker :eek:

    I think I got my point across.

    Do I need to say again how long ago it was??????? :p
  10. It's not a bad training camp but why would anybody stay there out of choice?
  11. In summary from all the posts above the camp is a bit shite. Go for the B+B option mate.

    Is it just mainly a cadet used training area? It seems a bit small to be much use for anything else.