Crowborough ACF Camp

Small(ish) camp, with a small training area (Pippingford Park) mainly on a slope. Buildings are of the old variety. Other than that. Nice enough place, if a little quiet.
Have spent a week at Crowborough although not as part of the ACF.
It's mainly a hole, shoddy accomodation and the junior ranks mess is a joke. The food is pretty poor and staff are worse than the civvy norm.
The training area you might use, pippingford park, is pretty small but quite simple.
There are many nicer places than Crowborough, but the ACF won't normally get to see those. Probably why it'll full of ACF and combat smurfs (atc)
Crowborough is pretty basic, its got a nice if small training area down the road and a very small wooded area attached to the camp that can be booked out there is a .22 range (indoor) and a 25 metre outdoor range. Its got an assualt course and a little obstacle course as well.

there is a water tower that can be used for abseiling and pippingford park has a lake for canoeing etc.

The food is standard quality and the bar is siht but the beer is alright.

what are you going there for ?

oh i reccomend the pub down the road called the crow and gate good food nice and i mean nice waittresses.
Not bad Camp, used 2 x in Basic, and a further 5 times with the ACF!

Training area good for Cadet Training, slightly wooded, open undulating ground. Good Harbor Areas, looks at map.... not bad I like it there.
Did Annual Camp there this year. Largely echo the comments of others. Accomodation is basic for both Cadets and Adults. Officers Mess is ancient, Sergeants Mess a little better.

Reasonable training facilities. We too used the water tower for climbing. Pipingford Park is ok. Not a bad Training Area really. During a couple of non-tac nights the huge picnic tables and a bivi bag made for good sleeping :)

Town is a little bit out of the way so take what you need and\or befriend the MT.

Food for us turned out to be excellent - Cadets got best deal of all in that regard which is exactly as it should be.

Only real bugbear was having to bus to\from Hythe Ranges - bit of a pain for all concerned, not least those of us who were Range Staff. The 25 Metre Range down the far corner of camp is pretty ok the Assault Course is not too bad either.

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