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croukamp book questions

I've been trying to get a copy of "The Bush War in Rhodesia" without paying through the nose for it, but no luck yet (Amazon can't ship it to Australia for some reason, and Croukamp's own site doesn't seem to be working).

Am I correct in thinking that it's the same as "Only My Friends Call Me Crouks", but with a different title?

Any help with the above appreciated.
Yes its the same book .

Buy it of Amazon cheapskate only 12 quid

Good read IMO . Never knew of his 6 day E and E till I read it. Uncle Ron must have been really pissed at him not to mention it in his in own books :D
I bought mine directly from Dennis last year when I visited SA, he even signed it for me which was lekker. The one called Bush War in Rhodesia is the same, he just sold the rights to an american/canadian firm to market it overseas. He can still sell it in SA I believe. Anyway, it is an awesome book and he is an awesome bloke.

Get the book, read it and acknowledge what an incredible soldier he was an what an amazing time he had serving his country! Lucky bugger :)

Jan vR
Hi guys, I tried Dennis' website a few times and couldn't get a reply, but got a copy from Paladin Press in the US. It's a great story, in fact I just put aside my copy just now, to check my emails! It's worth it for the E&E story alone, some good photos too and good to hear that he and Reid-Daly settled their differences eventually. He mentions some additional chapters that he's left with his daughter for her to publish (or not) after his death. Wonder what's in those...

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