"Sphere of influence, part of an internet address" 6 letters

- O - A - N

Stuck in a v dull meeting with some grown ups.They think I'm doing some very clever calculations and sums and stuff. I may also need a pie chart soon.
Here endeth the first lesson.
Domain (you can arrse but not google?)

Says it all .
Did you know Florence Nightingale invented the pie chart...

OK, I'll go now.
Best crossword clue I've heard of was:

HIJKLMNO (5 letters)

Any takers?
I won't spoil as I had to got to Google. But very clever, well for a thicky loike me that is
Most classic clue of all time?

Geg (9 and 3)
Saw that years ago and agree it is a classic .

Edited to add ... believe it was Times Crossword Puzzle clue .
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