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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by OCS001, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Anyone used this B+B before?
    Anyone there on this Sunday for AOSB?

  2. One on my Briefing stayed there - it is usually rammed with candidates but he was the only one.

    Recommend Redwood, is good to have a pint or two with some other people the night before to sort nerves etc.
  3. Crossways is spot on, lovely couple run the place.

    I'm at Redwood for Main Board though
  4. Stayed at Redwood for Briefing and MB. Massive dinner whatever time you arrive, altho dont go over the top at breakfast if you have main board phys a few hours later :)

  5. I'm assuming the army pays to put you up there, if you have to go up a night before? Or do you pay and get reimbursed?

    Anyway have heard good things about Redwood.
  6. I think you can put a claim in for accomodation but I didn't bother.

    My personal view is that I want this, therefore I'm going to do what it takes to get it. The money spent on me getting a good nights sleep could be far better spent on a soldier getting a good nights kip. Just my opinion.
  7. Crossways always gets the best reviews. Lovely lady will cook you breakfast, iron your shirt and sort out your transport.
  8. that'll change soon enough son....

    it's not as simple as that - and by not claiming you are actually making the system worse for others, not better, allow me to explain...

    unit x forecasts it needs £10k per year for travel and subsistence (the budget B&Bs are paid from)...this sum is based upon say 1000 people per year submitting their claims, except that people like you don't submit their claims...

    ...the next year unit x bids for £10k again, but is only given £9k based upon the previous year - of course all of the people that didn't claim are not accounted this next year the same number of people do the same number of thing but this time there is not enough money to go around so activity has to be scrutinised or cancelled...or a unit overspends...etc...

    this applies across all claims and is one of the reasons why JPA is a much better system as people can claim for what they're duly entitled to without getting the runaround fromthe RAO! of course there were massive problems as nobody had actually accurately forecast what the tru costs of claims were as i reckon only about 60% of people actually ever claimed previously....oh and some blatant fraud!!!!
  9. I was in the cedar hotel, nice bar, decent food and a 30 second walk from the AOSB. The rooms are very nice with freeview tv in them for last min current affairs if you want (i stuck with abit of top gear myself). There is normally a few others from the board there so you can have abit of a chin wag before and may even get lucky and have a few people who end up in the same group.
  10. No body is asking about Cedar, Kyle-ni, therefore what suspicious reasons brings you here to advertise Cedar above other B&Bs.
  11. As i thought people reading the thread who were attending main board or briefing would like to know what it was like. Not everyone can stay in the crossways.

    The reason why i "advertise" the cedar is its the only one i stayed in and thus is the only one i could form a opinion on. Thanks to your post it now gets three mentions.
  12. .

    Please tell me you are not a potential officer? Look at Kyle-NI's joining date, and number of previous posts. I assume that you are clumsily implying that she is in some way linked to Cedar B&B and therefore is trying to advertise it? Think about it for a sec....

    Or is it more likely that she saw a thread relating to B&B's in a specific area and thought to add his/her own relevant experience. I hope that in your future career you choose to show a little more tolerance and have alittle more respect for other peoples right to expand on a converation beyond the confines that you choose to set.
  13. Agreed, I think he's seeing too far into it!
  14. No one was asking about the Redwood either, yet people recommended it! 8O
  15. i'm sure they will all be great accomodation seeing as the listed places were recommended and won't cost us a penny! i'm staying at the mighty Redwood this suday, should be laugh and a good chance to meet and have a chat with fellow hopefuls before being constantly scrutinized over the next few days :)