Crossing the road in Warcop

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Tell me that the rule which says troops cannot cross the road between the camp and the training area isn't true.

    If I take my teddy bear, do I have to bring a certificate of non-flammability?

  2. Treat it as obstacle crossing. Hold hands and cross together.

  3. It's going back a bit, but all the times I went there in the 80s, I can't remember ever TABing across the road, it was always Mk 1 Bedicopters.

    There was hardly any traffic on the road then either.
  4. I can remember in the 70s, part of the morning run was along the A66.
  5. Morning run? Did I sleep in?

    I do have vague recollections of crossing the road on foot in '76 or thereabouts, but also seem to remember that this practice stopped shortly afterwards. I always thought that this was due to the practicalities of shifting blokes quickly, rather than a directive concerning road safety. But then, I was a Private and nobody told me anything in those days.

    We ceased training at Warcop when it was discovered that it wasn't in our administrative district (despite being closer than Otterburn).

    It was a dodgy junction though, and I recall that there had been a few near-misses there, though usually as lumbering Bedfords stalled while pulling out.
  6. Does that mean I'm in the clarts then? I've definitely crossed it on foot on my way to the tank park when transport's been unavailable.
  7. no just it's birth certificate to prove that it's name is non-inflamable! :batman:
  8. Perhaps an indication of 'elfin safety gorn maad'?

    Recently enjoyed the delights of RAF Halton where we had to regularly lurk around for the 'blow me up bus' to transport us from accom etc to where we were training. Linear distance c.800m; distance travelled c.2km.

    Ten minute stroll becomes twenty minute wait plus five minute embuss plus fifteen minute round the houses plus five minute debuss.

    Pokey drill mit freezing rain whilst waiting for Father Jack to bring his big white taxi down from the NAAFI was wonderful...

    I'm so glad that MoD value my delicate tootsies so highly.
  9. I do remember something about that actually, my gran lives in Warcop you see (quite handy occasionally)
    Probably because the A66 is like the most dangerous road in the UK?
  10. So Freedomman,

    How recently, and was that the Halton2 week delights, or the 13 week variety?

    Edited for mong spelling etc.
  11. Very like it but then I suppose they all look the same:

    (From BBC website)
    Top 10 Most Dangerous A Roads

    A889 - A86-A9 (near Dalwhinnie)
    A537 - Macclesfield-Buxton
    A12 - Romford-M25
    A4137 - A49-A40 (west of Ross-on-Wye)
    A628 - A616-Penistone
    A1001 - Hatfield
    A534 - Welsh boundary to Nantwich
    A533 - Runcorn-A56
    A682 - M65 Junction 13 - A65 Long Preston
    A13 (now A1306) - Aveley A1306-M25
  12. get in there see we Jocks have the very best of everything up there

    and yes its a rule, I was there for pre-deployment training 2006 Telic 9 and the camp staff had a canary because our scenario was using it as a patrol base, every road was to be treated as a VP and crossed open gate fashion or used for full blown VP VA drills
  13. I've only ever crossed it once on foot. In civvies With a GPMG and about 300 blank.

    Got left out on the area after playing enemy and after about 3 hours got bored waiting and thought "Fcuk it"

    Should have seen the faces on the guard when I rocked up In Jeans walking boots and a North face jacket mit General over shoulder and link stuffed down my jacket.
  14. 13 weeks 'condensed' into 15 days. What do you mean I'm now ready for deployment?

    Hilarious - (several) old sweats forced to rub shoulders with teenage recruits....
    Fighting over the last jelly and ice-cream; sniggered at for putting hoods up in the rain; the look of fear when they were marching towards you as they wrestled with the 'salute or not' dilemma; drinking them under the table on their first free weekend; demanding to see passes knowing full well they hadn't been issued etc etc etc.
  15. sadly (in 1993) there was some quasi-moronic rule in place about the A66

    (too many accidents and too many cadets)

    may continue to this day?