Crossing The Pond

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by wotan, Nov 10, 2004.

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  1. I won't be around for the next bit, but no one steal my bar stool, ok?

    I'll be crossing the pond to visit Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness for the next few weeks. I might check in every once in a while, but apparently connections to the internet in the UK are generally slower and more expensive and posts are made via carrier pigeon. I'll be back about mid December, just in time for Christmas shopping.

    Anyway, all the best to folks during my absence. As well, let's all remember to lift a pint to absent friends after parade tomorrow. Cheers to all.
  2. Wotan:

    don't forget to sport your " I'm an ARRSEhole " lapel pin when travelling.. I'm told it speeds things up at Brit Customs and, should any of the ARRSE site frequenters spot it when aroused from their drunken stupor, they can be induced to spring for a pint or two on their tab at whatever pub you may find yourself in...

    Been in both Glasgow and Edinburgh a time or two..and enjoyed my time there immensely.. great cities with lost of high and low culture to explore...

    enjoy the trip and, if you think of it.. there's a book in a little shop on the road up to the Castle in Edinburgh, that I wouldn't mind having as a little Christmas present...
  3. Hey Rocketeer,
    Well, here I sit, in a small town outside of Glasgow....very nice here. The family and I have toured Glasgow (including the Cathedral and the Necropolis - very keen indeed). We returned earlier this week from a lovely trip to Inverness, Loch Ness and Culloden. A sad and lonely place Culloden is - very "atmospheric" as one chap put it. Much like he encountered on a visit to Shiloh in the US. Had the opportunity to "sample" a lovely 21-year-old, sadly it was Scotch and not a Scottish lass, but I am with the wife after all. The barmaid was a lovely girl and she made paying ten quid for a "wee dram" quite bearable. We stayed at Tulloch Castle and I would highly recommend it to any wishing to travel to the Highlands.

    Tomorrow we are off to Stirling to see the Wallace Monument and the Castle. We will pay a visit to Falkirk and Bannockburn on Sunday. Watched "Braveheart" tonight, so the kids are quite keen to see Mel Gibson and the places where he did those glorious things. Pathetic, but it is the only way we can get a 13 and 9 year old to discover history. I'm sure one of the Bruces will forgive me.

    On Monday we hie off to Edinburgh and if there is anything you would like from there, just ask. We Jargonites might be homeless, but we can still retain our manners.

    BTW, for those interested, the entire family has found Haggis to be a fine and delightful dish. The jury is still out on Blood Pudding (Black Pudding), however, we generally found that while ok, it won't be making to many appearances on the breakfast table in the future.

    That's about it for now, just wanted to say "Hullo!" to all and sundry. The Scots have been absolutely delightful and are exceptionally warm and friendly hosts. It takes a little work to strike up a conversation, but once started, each has treated us as long-lost friends. The only sad note is that so many lovely redhaired beauties have committed the sin of dying their hair blonde. It is truly to be lamented.

    Cheers to all and a round of Stella on me. Ah, Hell, break out the Glenfiddich!
  4. Glad to hear you are having a good time, Wotan.

    REAL Haggis is great, but you can keep the blood pudding.

    Have fun and have a drink for me.
  5. Wotan:

    You'll enjoy Edinburgh...while there, if you have time, take a wee side trip to Dunfermline [across the bridge and up a bit ]..the good Padre's home town..lovely place.. the kid's will love it.. Robert the Bruce is buried in the Cathedral..ooh..scary kids!!... then, if there's time, head over to Melrose where Robert's heart is buried!!.. [ that'll perk up the kiddies ! ]..

    Have fun!!.. How can you not when in the Auld Country??

  6. If ya have time...drop 'nessie' a line for us!

    (might try catfish bait)

  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    One of the better 'Away Wins' for the English I think
  8. Chimera, just to remind you that that many of those fighting (butchering) for the Duke of Cumberland( :evil: ) where actually Scots themselves, we just don't admit it often. I only make an exception today because our American friends are misguided enough about British history, and at least we can educate the few who may be reading.

    Above written by wife . Everyone knows culloden was a brillant victory and a classic follow up operation :lol:
  9. Arguably it was the final chapter in the highlands vs lowlands struggle - it's just that the benefits accrued to neither side, rather it confirmed British rule. Now that is how you conquer and rule an empire.