Crossing the 'lake' shortly just a question or two...

First and foremost, hello to all..
Been a 'bandstand watcher' for a few and decided to finally toss my hat into the ring of conversation. Here is the question, that hopefully you can help your Commonwealth Candaian friend with; I have talked to a recruiter and he has recommened I choose the Para's but then was in discussion's with another fella and he recommened if I would like to travel a fair bit head to the 1st Battlion Royal Irish Regiment who are part of 16 Air Assualt, and in 2006 will be jump qualified as well. Now I don't need to yap how I am phsyically, seen, herd and answered the questions to much, I know I am ready in that aspect along with maturity.

Thanks fellas,

2 Canadian Beers
Might want to check with the recruiter as to the residency requirements, been a few lengthy discussions on this site and about this, it seems that recently a two year prior residency in the uk requirement has been introduced, although this may only be for officers.

Otherwise, good luck with the application!

Para's, good choice, 1 R Irish, good choice as well, but keep your options open, you may see something else you like once you step in the careers office for the interviews.
Thanks for the information fellas, from what I have gathered, the 2 year stay is involving officers, the only wait that is invovled with ncom's to the brit army, is a 14 day business 'oversea cell' security check, then your application is mailed to the residence of your choice, while staying in the UK.
I will get in touch hopefully with Wotan and Rocketeer, cheers...

2 Canadian Beers
oh and if you can confirm that the 14 day trip is all that's required please let me know the references, quite a few blokes on forum believe that the 2 yr rule now covers all applicants, and I'd like to correct em if possible

I heard my name used in vain and I just had to pop up.

I would love to be able to throw some advice/guidance in, but as I understand the question it is for a fellow Canucklehead heading to the UK to join the forces there, vice heading hear to join the CF. The UK policies for residency and citizenship are foreign (pun intended) to me. However the following link may or may not be useful:

Apologies if you already have it, but what the heck, eh?

Just remember, with the UK forces you don't get to collect your pension on retirement, with the CF, you get an immediate annuity at the end of your pensionable svc (currently 20 years). Not the heart of soldiering, but definitely a consideration to bear in mind.
I have checked in on that information, and Visa does not apply to Canadian citzens' though to join the Brits you must have a over seas cell application done before being excepted. One extra step, which is a real pain in the arse, eh. Cheers, if anyone needs some information when I am over there for Candaian I will be happy to help.'
Im serving in 16 Air Assault BDE and 1 RIrish a no longer part of the BDE. We have a roulement Inf BN that do about 2-4 years then change. They where part from formation (late98) due to fin just before Telic 1, but where kept on for the duration. Then once things had calm a little after we came back they changed them for A&SH. They are to stay 16 AAB til 07/08 not sure as to who might replace them though due to the "Arms plot" change.
But your right about 16 we do go everywhere all the feckin time, not many blokes that arn't on higher band LSSA (600+days)
Also bear in mind if you go to the PARAs the 1st BN wont be part of the BDE much longer as its being used to form the new "Ranger" Bde.
Just want to thank everyone for the information given with this post,

Cheers 2 Canadian Beers

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