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Is anyone else using the CrossFit training regime ?

I'd be interested in knowing how long you have been doing it and the effect. I've been on it a month and whilst my strength has gone up and I've lost some weight it does not appear to favour long-distance endurance, especially running. Or am I reading it wrong ? Has anyone done this for longer than a month - what has been the effect on weight loss and toning up ?

I was working hard on running but have cut back since being on the CrossFit programme. Is there anyone who has worked through this issue ? Should I be mixing more, say CrossFit 3 days a week and running the others or just stick with the CrossFit prog ? Basically I am looking to tone up more, lose a few pounds and increase my endurance, especially running.

Grateful for advice from any fellow CrossFitters/PTIs who are on this programme. Thanks

For anyone interested -
Been doing it around 6months. Signing up atm so not time to train 100% but i've always found it gave great results.

Generally i do all the crossfits posted during a week, run 3 times and weightlift 3 times. I find that balances fairly well and doesn't wreck me physically/mentally.

However when i was using ONLY crossfit WOD's i was finding when the 10Km and 5Km runs were posted i was still improving. I do agree though it does seem the standard work posted isn't complimentary towards running, though i'm not a trainer so maybe they actually are. E.g. working max rate for 20minutes increasing fitness would add to a fast paced short run?
i have also been using crossfit for the last 6 months or so, and have seen / felt some good results
however they do expect you to be doing other training as well!

so by all means top it up, i try to get my wod in before work and then get in a few runs in over lunch times during the week!
I'm pretty dam good at the lower weights (50kg-) and bodyweight. It's on stuff like cleans/110Kg+ deads/jerks etc. i get stuffed. Never been the best powerlifter alas.
Plus in England those lifts are pretty much neglected so were never taught properly in gyms, is the only front gym wise i have to respect the yanks. E.g. they have professional powerlifting coaches at all unis/colleges and make it a sporting event.
I joined a Crossfit gym about two months ago - hugely enjoying it and am starting to see some improvements in both fitness and strength (as JEP alluded to, something I've never been formally taught). I'll not disgrace myself by posting my timings yet but finding it a good change from circuit training.

As a (slight) aside, my 35 year old body does not seem to recover quite as quickly from the sessions as the 23 year old version seemed to... I've started to use Recovery drinks but since I don't follow a Paleo diet (no fun at all), can other Cross fitters recommend any useful supplements that wont break the bank or be pointless unless I am following a strictly regimented diet as well?

Many thanks

Cross fit, is that where you dress up as a lady and go for a tab?

The marines are big in that area I believe......!

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