Crossed Swords on lower right cuff ?!?!?!?!?

Saw a RAMC guy in No2's the other day and he wore PTI swords on his lower right cuff and not above is stripes

Has anyone ever heard of this ? Is it right ? Is it something stupid like he has a lapsed qual and had to move them or some such bollax ?

I assume said Gym Queens were of Pte soldier (or equivilent) status? Lower right is where PTIs who are not JNCOs must where their scissors.

That said, all PTIs SHOULD be of JNCO rank really.

Hope that helps!
musclebuster said:
Only reason this should happen is when they have a higher qual above the rank, ie skill @ arms etc
Incorrect MB, Dress Regs forbid the wearing of more than one 'Senior Skill' badge. So if you have earned your Angry Cannons you only wear those!
If a SNCO decides to wear his APTI badge he should wear it on the lower arm as only APTC SNCOs wear it on the upper arm.

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