Crossbows the mark of a nutter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. The latest mad stalker has just been locked up surprise surprise he had a crossbow.
    Is their any crossbow owner who does not need locking up.
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  2. I used to own one of these; awesome fun!

  3. The discerning nutter will always have an xbow not far from his(and it's almost certainly a him) side.
    There was one who travelled on the school bus with us who would "say it with a bolt" last I heard he was found swinging in a farmers shed having done "things" to a sheep dog and then killed it.
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  4. I think that is just about the finest thing I have ever seen!

    I want one.

  5. Dog molesters!
  6. Did he have a TV as well?
  7. Silent & deadly - stops the neighbours cat removing the dace from the pond. Does leave you with the problem of disposing of the body under the rose bush at dead of night though.
  8. Barnett produce better ones now (well newer) I bought the Panzer II back in 1997ish.

    They do bad boys like this nowadays:

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  9. A cross bow and /or those cheap wall hanger Samurai swords.

    Owners of both are destined to die at hands of the armed police.
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  10. Really? I have one of these, does it count?

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  11. It's possibly a sign that you may be destined to die a virgin, but not at the hands of the armed response unit.

    "Put down the light sabre" is seldom shouted before plod lets fly with a double tap from an MP5.
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  12. Rugby tour dear chap, rugby tour.

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  13. I remember a standoff years ago between a local nutter with a crossbow and one of my mates with his dad's 4/10, pretty scary at the time, but successfully defused by the local rozzer and my mates dad, (who belted him quite well for nicking his gun). Crossbow confiscated and the magistrate wasn't required. These days I reckon the incident would involve the men in black, tazers, HK's, the media, and at least one dead body..... thats progress I guess.
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  14. I had one when I was a nipper. I whiled away many a happy hour skewering squirrels. Not prostitutes. Just squirrels... Honest. *twitch*
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