Crossbow Murders Germany

I intend to do nothing. I think its an absurd law but its not my problem.

Id still like to know who thought blow pipes ought to be banned and why. A pee shooter is the exact same thing as is any tube bought from a hardware shop
Firearms Act 1968
(b)any weapon of whatever description designed or adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid, gas or other thing; and
Tranquillising blowpipes are prohibited under S5(1)(b) as it is deemed to be using a “..noxious liquid, gas or other thing...”

Imx, zoos and wildlife parks use them along with tranquillising rifles albeit the former were/are a lot cheaper.

There is an exemption under the ‘97 Act to allow them to be held on FAC:
Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997

3.14 of the guidance mentions them:

I doubt when they created S5 in the ‘68 Act which was copied from the 1937 Act they intended to capture them. However, there was clearly a legal argument that tranquillising blowpipes fell foul of the legislation. S17 (1) (b): Firearms Act 1937

Until a case is stated re blowpipes, we are where we are and your tubing isn’t ‘designed or adapted to..’ until you use it for such a purpose.
It takes a long time to cock and load a crossbow which is, I assume, why they have remained unregulated for so long. The yardstick for legislation seems to be "is is better than what the police have or can it be concealed", loosely speaking.

If they ban crossbows (inevitable) then whatever reasoning they would apply to longbows as well and those are far more portable and faster to shoot with the main difference being that they take more practise to shoot well however an untrained person could still stand 5 yards from a person and hit them.

I'm still to discover the reasoning behind the blowpipe ban. I was suprised to learn that the antique blowpipe made in the jungle of Malaya that a friend of mine found in his fathers garage is a section 5 banned "firearm".

He "shot" me with it with one of the bambo darts for a laugh, it's clear that they are virtually harmless unless poison is darts are used as intended by the original users.

Does anyone know what happened to get blow pipes banned? Cant find anything explaining why online.
when used properly 2 and ahalf metre bamboo blowpipe used by north east thai country folk to hunt monitors ,birds and monkeys, lethal up to 20 yards plain barbed darts with raw cotton flights, and their mahogany crossbows were shithot too lol, I used to use a 2 metre Telinject blowpipe for distance work until I retired.
Hope they clear up these killings in Passau, we are spending a few weeks in the areain july,
Bavarans are a weird lot ,leather posing pouches ,funny accent,taking the piss out of me because I take a schmankerl now and then;)

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