Cross-training weekends

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Do they actually take place, and is there any benefit to be had?

    Infantry training with Sigs/Engineers etc and exchanging basic skills training etc? Just something that came up in convo this weekend.
  2. Not recently, I borrowed some mortars for an interest period from EWRR, it went down really well and that led to a inter unit games nights - possibly a positive retention idea.

    We did a Ptarmigan presentation to our neighbouring Signal Sqn and that went down well, erm rather too well as our YofS jumped ships.
  3. Our units had some sneaky men up giving us some SAA with the weapons they use and some lads went out with their drivers the other week for a play so it does work/happen
  4. Should we be promoting more of it though , and could it become a retention tool?I do see value in learning to work with other formations closely , albeit at the basic level.
  5. why not people might be thinking about leaving for various reasons such as work/family comitments interfering with a drill night or simply not happy with the unit they are with why see someone go out the door and all the training/money/time lost when by a simple trg ect might find that the other unit might be better suited for him although it shouldnt be used as a poaching tool ect.

    Another way to look at it as well is that if you go on a joint FTX ect you have new enemy ect to play with assess your skills against other unit ect and it also helps rake away the us and them barrier
  6. Do they ever hold SPSi and PSi 's conferences , where Spys in different units get together with their opposite numbers in other Regiments or Corps?
  7. LOL, my unit is to scared to do anything like that for fear that everyone would transfere.

    In principal I think this is an excellent idea though but have never seen it happen yet.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    It is an excellent idea, anything which puts a fresh face in front of the blokes gets my vote!

  9. I know some SPSI's and PSi's lurk here , what do you guys think?
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Not an SPSI but as a TA officer with responsibility for training I think it is of value. I would be willing to support exchange visits within the London area - the question lies in the response of the blokes to the proposed interest visits.

    If we arrange it, will they come???

  11. Duke,

    The general feeling was the other arms were quite keen to try their hand at 'properly' run Defence , Patrols and OBUA exercises , I felt that we could benefit from learning more about what makes other branches tick , how we use their assets , and importantly, how we use and communicate with each other.

    I'm sure the RMLY and other Tankies would like to try an exercise working with Infantry, a Medic unit would actually like to try working up RAP's and 3rd line facilities in a battle scenario. I'd like to think the Siggies would like the idea of actually providing comms to a mixed formation and working up their skills in the battlespace

    There are other fringe benefit of course - Increased healthy competition , especially from our point of view, having another regiment play enemy and MORE bodies on the ground at weekends , as well as some economies of scale to be had. OC's and CO's could actually work with their oppos in the Brigade area and the boys and girls on the ground could see physically their part in the big picture.

    I am not suggesting we get the brigade out , but in this area , we have at least 5 diverse formations , that may welcome the chance to cross-train. Using these opportunities will lead to closer co-operation. We already have tentative requests for WHT's and Weapons training from units outside our capbadge, suppose we could develop on this basic premise? How difficult could it be?

    Personally, I think it starts with getting all the SPSI's from different units into a bar , and letting them hammer out how it works, after all they are the ones in control.

    Any Spsi's care to comment?
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    We are currently in the position of having virtually no Officers or SNCOs (all deployed) and a small amount of junior ranks. Anything to raise the interest level would be worthwhile, but all of the training I am planning at the moment is based around small unit tactics (at most section/pl).

    If other units are interested in joining in and doing some of this sort of training in exchange for some interest periods (NBC/MED/engs particularly welcome) than it can only be a good thing. At present, the options for larger unit stuff is very limited due to our deployment level.

  13. Duke, PtP - have been trying to organise similar for years (for selfish reasons)

    PM me...
  14. It's not like cross-dressing then?

    .....all the rage out here.
  15. I think you have to Bde involvement, if you wanted Sigs you'd need more than one unit to support and a Bde HQ provides more jobs for Sigs.

    I think your idea would work very well. Too many of us are doing our training in isolation, its creating problems. We have Sigs who've never worked with staff, medics not exercising (with casualties or) roles 1-3 together, Yeomanry not recce for formations, Arty FOO's never worked with Infantry.

    How can you have a one army concept when part of it never acts together as a Team.