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cross trainer advice please

do i minimum of 20 mins continuous to get any benefits, the harder you work after that the greater the reward
All I know is that the ones at the gym have programmes that display which part of your body you are excercising........ but the tame programme I was give was mainly a matter of increasing incline and resistance as I progressed.

But, can anyone advise me of a good one to buy to use at home. I'm looking for very reasonable, but durable and good value for money. I don't need anything fancy, but would be glad of any advice. There just seem to be so many available.
Bugger all that pish. If you want a good workout in a short amount of time, try Crossfit. I recently got certified with a bunch of sneaky beaky guys who swear by it. Definitely something unusual to have your squat form corrected by a Green Beret.

Find fitness salvation here.

Took me two months to recover from a long-standing back injury and get my 1.5 mile run down to 8:40. Best of all: no gimmicks.
A 15-20 min warm up on a cross trainer set to max resistance or a rolling hills programme. Follow with circuits (keep varying the routines) and finish on a rowing machine (again max resistance) - 1000m, 1 min rest, 800m, 50sec rest, 600m 40 min rest etc. End up a gibbering wreck but excellent fat burn and works every muscle group. The more you do, the better the results - 3x a week seems to get best results. Gym work alone is ok but try to keep up a roadwork/cardio programme too - running or cycling, minimum 40 mins, 2 or 3 times a week. And cut down alc intake!
I've got a Precor 546... and it's the dogs nadgers... I got it off e-bay for about a grand - they cost 5 grand new - and it's got the incline function which changes it from a stepper to a cycle to a running motion. I saw one the other day for £800 but be basta.d careful - I had 2 con attempts before I bought it... with really good e-bay fake messages (do not accept western union as a payment method)

As for a training recomendation: just take a programme/time/incline/heart rate - set yourself a target and beat it - then set a harder target. I have to admit though... running is better for fitness but I'm a bit of a pussy and prefer to stay indoors in the winter.

Gyms are always upgrading - so as said before e-bay is a good place to pick up comercial used trainers, for the same price as a new heap of cheapo metal... and it's worth it. (but be really sceptical)
Oh, I am disappointed! I thought this was a thread about angry PTIs!

*Bugsy lifts coat off hook*

I don't think they do much tbh. I use them to start my warm up and that's about it, it gets my heart going, nothing more really.

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