Cross Swords on Mess Dress

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Tubbs, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Were do cross swords go on Mess Dress, I was told it goes over the Rank Badge. Can anyone help?
  2. Crossed rifles are on the stripes, but I'm sigs and we have a wee naked man above our stripes that would get in the way.

    If you are entitled to either, which take precedence, swords or rifles?
  3. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    If you are APTC they go above the rank badge. If you are a non-APTC SNCO then they don't go on at all. If you are a non-APTC JNCO with Mess Dress then they go above the rank also.
  4. in response to iron rations query swords take priority over rifles. both can be worn, rifles on stripes swords above. depends on how sad you are. when i was serving both had to be worn as described providing you were entitled to both. hope this helps. if still in doubt ask you regt tailor or qm/rqms in clothing store. :twisted:
  5. I know for sure APTC wear it on the forearm regardless of rank.
  6. Tubbs are you a senior rank ?

    If yes then are you in the APTC ?

    If not then you may no longer wear your swords on ANY dress
  7. I am also Para trained but have not jumped for 3 years, like a lot of Para trained bods. Can I wear my wings?
  8. Wings & Commando Badge can be worn in perpetuity by all qualified ranks.
  9. Check your Corps dress regs. Most Corps allow one embellishment to the uniform.

    And unless you're APTC you're not entitled to swords as a SNCO.
  10. Strange that youre not entitled to wear crossed swords as a SNCO but you can complete the AAPTI course as an SNCO.

  11. Because unless you're APTC you're an Assistant Coaching Instructor. Not aware that the TA have any APTC bods.
  12. I was always led to belive that it goes on course seniority! If you are skill at guns trained they go above your rank and then your cross swords go on your lower right forearm!! But I dont really give a shite... why wear them thats what I say! Im PTI trained and I dont bother..
  13. Sorry but that sounds like b0ll0cks. I'm pretty sure it was a PTI course and the ACI thing is way in the past.

    Is there anything in mat regs about this?
  14. Skillys course is senior course to PTI
  15. I'd heard that but why, the PTI course is longer. Where is it written. Oh and I'm sure the TA do have APTC types now, not sure how it works tho.