Cross-Rank relationships

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Hedgehog, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. I am giving a 10 minute presentation tommorow about relationships across the ranks, and have hit a bit of a rut. If anyone could give me any usefull websites, case studies or information it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Er....

  3. Where are you doing that then?

    ...and more importantly, why?
  4. Its for OTC. My topic i have to talk about is 'relationships between the ranks'!
  5. Hedgehog,

    You struggle to get messages across. What type of relationship - professional, romance, sport? Doesn't bode well for your presentation.

  6. As long sa it doesn't break the service test, then who cares.

    End of presentation.
  7. that was literally the title i was given for my presentation but i'm guessing relationships of the romantic type.
  8. Try reading MATT 6

    Or make something up!

    Alternatively, go out and shag someone in your chain of command tonight, then you can talk from personal experience.
  9. Who cares, if she swallows I dont care what rank she is.
  10. Hedgehog,

    Ever heard of "confirm Comds intent"? If not, you should find out what it is and practise it.

  11. I think the only issue is if the two are in the same chain of command. You could discuss two possible ficticious relationships;

    1. A SNCO in camp A married to an Officer in Camp B. They will never work together and therefore never meet in embarrassing situations. Also the SNCO has the sense not to refer to officers he has met socially as Pete, Dave etc when, or if they meet in uniform. This I have seen and as long as they are grown up no problems will arise.

    2, The SNCO and Offr are both in the same CoC. The two will have to be very professional but problems may arise with favouritism, jealousy from others that the SNCO is perceived to hob-knob, and also the SNCO being privvy to information that should be held at a higher level. This could cause an issue and I could understand a CO wanting one of them moving.

    Any CO worth his salt would meet the couple and make it clear that they must remain proffesional and discrete but I could imagine that in a close unit such as Inf Bns that no matter how hard you try it would always be an issue.
  12. I don't think that non commisioned ranks should mix with officers! Why should we have degenerate DNA swamp the Juniors and seniors from those morally deficient Officers?
  13. I‘m guessing you’re expected to give your talk on the professional working relationships between the ranks, from the position of you becoming (being) a commissioned officer. Although intimate relationships would be much more exciting.
  14. Oh anything goes these days. The Govt want the whole AF experience to be as cuddly, integrated and morally corrupt as they themselves are. I think the Army (unlike our elected politicians) still draw a line at small boys though.
  15. Oh, and what's the joining age for the ACF?