cross posting to paras

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mister_Jones, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. just wondered what the general feeling is from serving para reg members on cross posting from line infantry to airborne infantry, how would the lads feel about it?
  2. They'd put you in mortars to 'soften you up' for the rest of the guys...

    What sort of a stupid question is that?

    It's like a cross posting from the Signals or the Tankies ffs.......
  3. so is that the general feeling then?
  4. Providing you did 'P' Coy and all that we do,but one suggestion - don't bang on about your 'past'...if asked short,clear answer and move swiftly on.
  5. Given the manning figures of the Paras, i'd be surprised that, if someone from the line Inf passed P Coy and wanted to transfer the Reg, that they (the reg) wouldn't be chuffed to bits to have him transfer.

  6. Correct - there's also the inducement of 'jump pay' to consider..
  7. mr jones make it so ...........
    pass pcoy and join the swinging warrior elite.........................
    :headbang: i

    please leave any cross dressing aspirations behind ,one this year is enough..
  8. When the Para's were first formed I think that you will find a section of the RMC was drafted in. Also during WW2 there were whole Regiments designated as Airborne troops that went in by gliders. These troops also wore the Pegasus badge.
  9. Think it was 2 Commando that started us off,and on successfully completing the course,were named the 11th Special Air Service Regt.,
    then to become the 1st Parachute Brigade..
  10. I went from a County Regiment into the Para's via the P Course and that option is still open
  11. You must have found that very interesting ?
  12. Yous are v. brave, the whole lot o' yees - to jump out of plains. 8) 8O

    FFS!!! :twisted:

    Catch me . . . .?? :roll:

    But I salute yous all! :D :eek:
  13. My copy of the regt'l history is far out of reach; but IIRC some of the Ulsters (RUR) wore the Pegasus badge, having been glider airborne on D-Day+2 or thereabouts.

    Would that figure?
  14. Look out for a copy of 'The Rifles are there' ( for information - 1st Battalion RUR went in by glider & wore the Pegasus Badge and maroon beret.